Connecticut Emissions

In the state of Connecticut, there are two locations for inspections when they are performed at the DMV, Wethersfield and Hamden. These inspections are conducted Monday through Friday at Wethersfield and Tuesday through Friday at Hamden.

On Mondays at Wethersfield, the office is closed therefore inspection documents must be prepaid. The final inspection must be in line by 3:15 in order for it to be completed on that day.

The following vehicles all require inspections:

Camp vehicles – these are inspected free of charge at the DMV annually through the inspection lane. You will be required to obtain the inspection form from the Department of Public Health before the inspection can take place.

Commercial vehicles – if these vehicles are over 18,000 pounds, are GVWR and commercial trailers over 10,000 pounds, or GVWR seeking temporary registration, these vehicles will be inspected at DMV facility in accordance to the North American Standard Level I Inspection. Temporary registrations that are more than 10 days will not be provided unless the vehicle passes inspection.

Driver education vehicles – these vehicles are required to have a yearly inspection at the DMV inspection lane.

School transportation vehicles that are under 10,000 pounds GVWR – these may be brought to the inspection lane or scheduled by the inspector in the district.

Taxi – You will only be able to receive a first time taxi inspection at the DMV. These vehicles will be required to have all lights and meters. For renewals testing, the test must be completed through a Connecticut licensed dealer repairer who will only be able to charge a maximum fee of $20 for the inspection.

Vehicle identification number assignments – these can only be performed at Wethersfield and you should call to make an appointment for a car or truck. Trailer VIN assignments, however, do not require appointments, but can only be brought in Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm. If the trailer weighs over 3000 pounds there will be a $50 charge for the assigned VIN.

Warning ticket – for warning tickets that have been issued by the law enforcement agency for window tint, VIN issues or a notation of ‘DMV inspection only’ has been included, your vehicle should be presented at the DMV inspection lane. For any other warnings, you vehicle must be presented to a Connecticut licensed dealer repairer for inspection.

Additional information

If a vehicle fails for service brakes, steering components, or frame rot, temporary plates cannot be issued until the repairs have been certified by a Connecticut licensed dealer repairer.

Also, an inspection will not be performed if title documents marked vehicle has “not safe for the road, junk, etc.” If repairs have been made to make the vehicle road safe, a letter will be required from the Connecticut licensed dealer repairer who is responsible for saying that the repairs have been made appropriately.

Finally, temporary registrations for commercial vehicles that are longer than 10 days may not be issued if the vehicle does not pass an inspection that is in full compliance with the Federal motor carrier safety regulations at the DMV inspection lane.