The state of Florida had seen a few years of emissions laws set into place, however it didn’t last very long. It became a huge political issue and thus was abolished as a law. Supposedly, a few counties air supply had tested fairly clean, clean enough to not have any emissions laws put into place. This made the emissions tests not worth their time, but the counties that are suffering with low air quality are fighting to bring the emissions laws back.

There are a few incentives for Florida drivers who practice eco-friendly driving. The state has decided to reward people who purchase vehicles that are EPA-certified, these are classified as Inherently Low Emission Vehicles. Drivers of ILE vehicles are allowed to drive in high-occupancy vehicle whenever they choose, and there is no limit to passengers that are riding in the car.

To find out if your vehicle is on the list of approved low emission vehicles you can click here. If you do find that your vehicle is on the list you will need to fill out the application for your HOV decal. This decal can be placed on your car to show other residents that you are proud to drive a vehicle that is saving the air quality, rather than harming it. There is only a small fee for the decal, $5 for one year, and $10 for a 2 year decal and membership.

Why not help out your fellow Florida residents and the rest of the world by driving a car that is safe for our environment? Everyone should have clean air to breathe, so let’s take a stand.