Indiana Emissions

Indiana requires vehicle emissions testing for many original registrations and for annual renewals as well. Notices will be sent annually to the vehicle’s owner and will inform them whether a test is required and when it must be completed. The requirements regarding the actual testing of a vehicle depend on the manufactured year of the vehicle. If a vehicle was made in an even numbered year, it will be tested in an even numbered calendar year. For vehicles manufactured in odd numbered years, it will be tested in an odd numbered calendar year.


Your vehicle will be required to have an emission test if:

  • It is newer than 1976
  • Is driven in the urban areas of Clark, Floyd, Lake or Port Country
  • Has a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight of 9000 pounds or less


An emission test is valid for 90 days and is required when you are looking to reinstate a registration that has been suspended or if you need to complete either a registration renewal or an original registration. Used car dealers must issue a valid emissions test for vehicles that they sale, but it is the buyer’s responsibility for vehicles that are purchased from a private individual.


There are some exemptions that your vehicle may fall into and not be required to obtain an emissions test:

  • If it is less than four years old
  • If it was made before 1975 or is powered by diesel or electric
  • If it is considered a show car
  • If it is a specialty or kit car
  • If it is heavier than 9000 Gross Vehicle weight Rating
  • If it is a ceremonial vehicle, recreational vehicle or a motorcycle
  • If it is registered as an antique vehicle or is a piece of highway construction equipment
  • If the engine displacement is less than 200 cube cm
  • If it is registered for farm use only, this includes tractors

Locations, Fees and Failures

Vehicles can be tested at any Clean Air Car Check Vehicle Station and you can find an official sign at authorized testing stations. There is no fee, currently, for an emissions test in the state of Indiana.

If you do find that your vehicle fails the test, you will need to have your vehicle repaired and retested. You can have your vehicle repaired at the testing station or by an Indian Certified Emission Repair Technician. You will be provided with a list of certified facilities if your vehicle fails the testing.


It is possible to apply for a waiver if your vehicle does fail the emissions testing, but there are certain criteria that must be present in order for your vehicle to qualify for the waiver. For example, you must have spent at least $450 to have the repairs completed for vehicles that are newer than 1981 models if you reside in Porter and Lake Counties. For Floyd and Clark counties this number is $200.

For complete requirements when it comes to waivers for emissions testing, be sure to talk to your local repair facility so that you have all the information that you need in order to have your vehicle be in compliance with the law that has been put in place.