Michigan Emissions

Currently, the state of Michigan does not require emissions testing for automobiles and trucks. The state has been in the process of battling federal regulators over the air quality in the western part of the state and in an area near Detroit for many years.

Testing was completed on automobiles before the year 1995 that were scattered through portions of the Detroit Metro area. Western Michigan had even been scheduled to begin testing in the late 90s and had several testing facilities constructed in that area, but the state managed to develop a deal with the Environmental Protection Agency so that they were able to postpone the program. The facilities that had been constructed within sold to private sectors.

Air quality in Detroit continues to consistently rank below that of the rest of the state. Because of this Detroit is consistently looking for ways to improve pollution, such as making new standards for pollution that has been created through industrial companies, encouraging carpooling, and restricting the use of small engines during certain days.

Incentives for eco-friendly driving

There are many reasons why drivers in Michigan should focus on eco-friendly driving and purchasing vehicles that are green. For example, there are a few incentives that can encourage drivers to make these changes.

Although the state of Michigan does not require emissions testing, most vehicles will undergo an inspection when it is time to have their vehicle registration renewed. If you’re driving an alternative fuel vehicle, you will not have to have this inspection completed.

Federal tax cuts

Currently the state does not offer tax incentives for eco-friendly vehicles, but you will be able to take advantage of a federal tax break instead. If you drive one of the approved alternate energy vehicles, you may apply for the federal tax credit. You should talk to your accountant to see if your vehicle falls into this category and if you are eligible to apply for the credit.

Auto insurance discounts

Some insurance providers in the state of Michigan have begun encouraging residents of the state to drive environmentally friendly vehicles by offering discounts for vehicles that qualify. You will need to check with your individual insurance provider to see if you qualify for any of the discounts and how much these discounts are.


The state conducts regular testing on the air quality in Detroit and around the rest of the state as well. These test results are updated regularly on the state’s website and show the different areas and the air quality that resides in those areas.

This testing is required by the federal government and is performed by the Department of Environmental Quality. The goal of this testing is to encourage states to be aware of the quality of their air and to learn new methods of dealing with air pollution throughout their state. By learning where the issues are, states will have a better idea of what they need to work on in the future. This testing is posted as a matter of public information and it offers a wide range of data for the citizens to review.