Montana State Emissions

The state of Montana does not require smog or emission checks for any vehicle, but it is important that you keep yourself aware of the effects of the pollutants that are coming from your vehicle and understand the way that you can improve the world around you.

How vehicles pollute

Gasoline and diesel cause vehicle emissions when they do not fully combust. Howeve,r gas is not the only thing to blame for the pollutants that we find in our air. Other items, such as emission controls, the design of the engine, and the proper care of your vehicle can also cause pollutants to enter the air.

These emissions filled with carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and other dangerous organic compounds. For this reason, it is important that we maintain our vehicles in a way that helps reduce the amount of pollutants that are found in the air.

How to keep our vehicles clean

Even though Montana offers an atmosphere where pollutants are minimal, there are ways that you can improve your driving to help reduce pollution even more. For example, you can choose to have an emissions test completed even though they are not required. This will help you learn if your vehicle is causing pollution and if there are ways that you can repair it.

You should also try to make fewer trips by combining errands into one trip. Not only will this help save you money, but you will be able to reduce the amount of the emissions that come from your car and help save the environment as well.

Try not to refill your vehicle on hot summer days because this is the time when Ozone formation takes place. If you try to refuel after 6 PM you may be able to eliminate fumes that cause smog to evaporate out of your car.

When you are refueling your car avoid pumping further than the first click. This will help eliminate the vapors that cause smog from being admitted into the air. You should also tighten your gas can until you hear it click. This will help you save several gallons of gas each year and will keep the air cleaner and pollution from occurring.

Finally, you should never let your car idle for longer than 30 seconds. This is a waste of gas and only works to pollute the air and damage engine parts. It is better to turn your vehicle off if you plan to be in one spot for very long.


Even though Montana does not require emissions testing, you can still benefit from being greener and more eco-friendly when you drive. The federal government offers many tax incentives that can help ease the cost of purchasing an eco-friendly vehicle. You can also check with your insurance company to see about discounts that they may provide for eco-friendly driving as well.

Even states that do not require emissions testing can benefit from citizens who are conscious about eco-friendly driving. For this reason, it is important that we all strive to maintain our vehicles and make sure that they are not emitting emissions that can harm the air quality in Montana.