North Dakota Emissions

Currently the state of North Dakota does not require smog testing or emissions checks for vehicles and they are not needed when you are registering or renewing your registration within the state regardless of the age of your vehicle.

However, your vehicle will be required to pass a North Dakota general safety inspection in order to be eligible to be driven on the roads. You will need to have this inspection completed before you are able to receive the title and register your vehicle within the state. However, North Dakota does not require vehicles to be inspected when they are being renewed.

Moving to North Dakota

If you are just moving to the state you have 90 days from the date that you establish residency in order to have your vehicle inspected and registered in North Dakota. There are some exemptions, for example nonresident students, tourists and members of the Armed Forces are not required to have their vehicles inspected and titled within North Dakota.

Which vehicles need to be inspected?

If you own one of the following vehicles, it will need to be inspected:

  • If your vehicle is a motor vehicle or an unconventional four wheeled motor vehicle
  • If it is a motorcycle, moped, Scooter, or conventional three wheeled motor vehicle
  • It is a trailer, off-highway vehicle, low-speed vehicle, or modified golf cart
  • Salvage vehicle

What happens during the inspection?

The inspector will fill out a form that you can download and print and bring to your inspection, or you can get in touch with the nearest inspection center and learned if they have them on hand. You can find your local North Dakota smog check station online.

The forms that you will bring with you will provide all the information that you need to know what to expect during the inspection. However, some of the most important things that will be checked are the vehicle inspection number, the type of vehicle, and vehicle parts.

After the Inspection

After the inspection has been completed, you will be required to pay the inspection fee and since this can vary depending on the location you should call ahead first to see what the fee will be. Then you will need to mail the form to the motor vehicle division.


Currently, the state of North Dakota does not require a smog and emission test at this time, but you can still take advantage of the incentives for driving green vehicles. Many of these incentives are provided by the federal government and you may be able to earn tax credits if you own a fuel-efficient vehicle. To learn more about these tax incentives you can talk to your tax accountant when it comes time to file your taxes.

You may also be able to find some discounts for your vehicle insurance company. Each insurance company is different so you will have to check with your specific policy to see if you qualify for any discounts regarding an eco-friendly vehicle. It is important that we maintain our vehicles so that we are safer we drive our vehicles and are not emitting pollution into the air.