Utah Emissions

The state of Utah has fairly poor air quality surrounding its major cities and more populated areas in the state. For this reason, the state has set for a method of inspecting vehicles for the emissions that they are putting off into the air.

Residents who live in certain counties in Utah, especially those that are more densely populated, are required to obtain a Utah emissions inspection certificate and provide information of this to the Department of Motor Vehicles when they register their vehicles or renew their registrations.

Utah Emissions


If you live in Salt Lake, Davis, Utah or Weber County and your vehicle is less than six years old, you will be required to pass and emissions test every two years. When you first purchase your vehicle you will be exempt for the first two years. Motorcycles are also exempt.

In order to determine when you should have your vehicle tested for emissions, you need to look at the year your vehicle is made. For example, if your vehicle was created in an even model year, you will need to have it tested on years that end an even number. Likewise, if your vehicle was created on an odd model year, you will need to have it tested on odd numbered years.

If your vehicle is six years old, you will be required to have an emissions test completed every year. If your vehicle’s model year is older than 1967, you will not be required to have an emissions test completed. You will need to have the emissions test completed no more than two months before you agree new your registration.

Utah Emissions


If you do fail the test, you will be required to make repairs to the vehicle in order to make it compliant with the laws that have been put in place. These costs will be left up to you to cover and you will need to make all necessary repairs in order to have it passed the test.

If you own a diesel powered vehicle, requirements for inspection may vary from county to county and it is suggested that you call your local county health department so that you know exactly what you need to do in order to have it tested.

Utah Emissions


Currently, the state of Utah offers one emissions test exemption for green vehicles or environmentally friendly vehicles. If you own a low-speed vehicle, such as a four wheeled electric vehicle other than a golf cart or off-road vehicle, you may be eligible for an exemption.

Some states have eliminated electric vehicles from having smog tests, but the state of Utah does not fall into this category. If you own an electric vehicle, you are still required to have a smog test completed in the state of Utah.

There are many incentives when it comes to driving a green vehicle and you may be able to save money on your taxes and on your car insurance. It is also a great way to save money on gas, which can be very beneficial due to the high cost of gas. In order to learn more about specific incentives, you can talk to your insurance company and inquire about tax incentives when you’re ready to file your taxes.

Utah Emissions