Arizona Emissions

Arizona Emissions

The state of Arizona requires a vehicle emissions test both for original registrations and annual registration renewals. Notices are sent each year to vehicle owners and inform the vehicle’s owner when the emission test should be completed by.

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division has initiated a car care program that has been created in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. This keeps an eye on the levels that a vehicle is emitting.

Required Vehicles

If your car, truck, motor home or RV falls into the following categories, and emissions test will be required:

  • Model year is 1968 or newer
  • If Phoenix and Tucson are the major areas which it is driven
  • It runs on gasoline
  • It runs on diesel fuel and is rated 8,501 pounds or greater by the manufacturer in regards to gross vehicle weight


An emission test is only valid for 90 days and is required when you are looking to reinstate a registration that has been suspended, obtain an original vehicle registration or renewing your registration. For any vehicle that they sell, a used car dealer is required to issue a valid emissions test. However, if you’re purchasing your vehicle from a private owner it is the buyer’s responsibility to get the emissions test.

Emission Test Failures

If you find that your vehicle has failed the emission test, your vehicle must be repaired and be presented for another emission test. However, you will not be charged for a second emission test as long as the repairs are completed within 60 days.

It is also possible for you to seek financial assistance programs for older vehicles if you live in Maricopa and Pima counties. These vehicles must be over 12 years old and fail the emissions test. The vehicle must also be operational and in use on the road in order to be eligible for this waiver. You should contact the ADEQ emissions test facility, which is located in Phoenix and Tucson, in order to request this waiver.


You will not be required to obtain an emissions testing if it is:

  • A model older than 1966
  • A new vehicle or if it is your 1st or 2nd registration
  • A Hybrid-electric vehicle under 5 years of age
  • A Motorcycle that is registered in Tucson city area
  • A vehicle that is owned by a dealer and is being transferred to another dealer
  • A golf cart or small electrically operated cart
  • An alternative fuel vehicle
  • Registered outside of Arizona
  • A vehicle that is outside the emission check required areas. (Must apply for an exemption.)


There are certain locations where you can have your vehicle’s emissions tested and these locations must have standards and maximum fee displayed at the site. A maximum emissions testing fee has been set, but these fees vary depending on the county and the type of vehicle as well as the fuel type of your vehicle. If you are currently out-of-state when your vehicle is ready to be renewed, you can fill out the renewal application and send a check or money order to the Arizona Department of environmental quality.

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