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The state of Delaware’s emissions program has the DMV perform two different types of emissions tests.  The first test is when your vehicle is idling and the second is when your vehicle is going at 2,500 rpms.  The purpose of the emissions tests are so that Delaware is in compliance with the Federal Clean Air Act.

If your vehicle is from 1967 or earlier and it is a passenger vehicle then you are not required to have any emissions test performed.  If your vehicle was manufactured between 1968 and 1980 you are required to have the Idle test performed on your vehicle.  If your vehicle is from 1996 up through five years ago you are required to have an on-board diagnostic test run on your vehicle in order to be emissions compliant.  And if your vehicle was manufactured less than five years ago you are exempt from having an emissions test performed until your vehicle reaches an age of older than five years.

The test is performed at a test facility and when you enter the test facility the inspection tech will ask you for your registration and will ask how many miles the car has.  This information will be entered into a database.  The database will check the vehicle and assign the proper test that needs to be performed on the vehicle to comply with the emissions policies.


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