Illinois – Emissions Testing Hours & Schedule

The testing hours and schedule for Illinois emissions testing inspections can vary depending upon the service center location you are going to get your emissions tested at.  Here is a list of emissions testing centers in Illinois.

If you are going to get tested by the Air Team appointment only testing station you can call to set up an appointment.  The number to speak with a representative is 877-927-7587.

You can also call to find out how long the current wait times are for the emissions testing centers.  To find out what current wait times are you can call 800-635-2380.

If you need to contact a customer service rep at an Illinois emissions inspection test station you can send an email to:

Most emissions testing stations are closed on federal holidays.  Local service stations may have seperate schedules so it is recommended to speak with the local service station ahead of visiting them.

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  1. Why is the phone not working at the Elk Grove Testing place? I have lost my card and want to know if I can still go there and have my test done.

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