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The state of Maryland runs a vehicle emissions inspection program in an effort to help clean the air and water in Maryland.  There are two types of emissions tests that the state of Maryland requires, one is for older vehicles and one is for newer vehicles.  The tailpipe and gas cap test is for vehicles that were manufactured between 1977 and 1995.  If you own a heavy duty vehicle that was manufactured between 1977 and 2007 that has a weight up to 14,000 pounds you also need to get the tailpipe and gas cap test.  And if your heavy duty vehicle weighs 14,000 pounds up to 26,000 pounds and was manufactured in 1977 or later it too needs to get its emissions tested via this method.

For the tailpipe and gas cap test it is recommended that prior to inspection you should drive the vehicle on the highway for about 25 minutes.  If your vehicle’s exhaust system has any leaks in it, it will fail the tailpipe test, and if your gas cap is damaged, cracked, missing, etc…. resulting in a leak of gas fumes your vehicle will fail the gas cap portion of the test.

If your vehicle is a passenger vehicle or a light duty truck and it was manufactured in 1996 or later it has something called an On Board Diagnostics within your vehicle.  To get your emissions tested your vehicle will get an OBD test which checks your vehicle’s emissions control computer system and informs the tester if your vehicle has any emissions related issues.  If you have a ‘check engine’ warning light on it is recommended you get this resolved prior to getting your vehicle’s emissions tested.

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