Oklahoma Emissions

Oklahoma Emissions

Currently, there are no requirements of any kind in the state of Oklahoma when it comes to having your vehicle inspected for registration or renewal. This includes safety and vehicle inspections as well as smog tests, regardless of the type or age of your vehicle.

Controlling Smog

Even though the state does not require testing for smog, there are ways that you can protect the environment from dangerous pollutants on your own. It is important when you own a vehicle to make sure that you maintain your vehicle and keep up with regular vehicle maintenance such as oil and air filter changes.

You can also help the environment by making vehicle repairs quickly so that additional pollutants are not leaked into the air and by making eco-friendly driving choices. For example, you should maintain the speed limit at all times and attempt to carpool with friends and coworkers when possible. It is also a good idea to condense errands so that you are only making one trip for multiple errands.

You may also want to consider purchasing an eco-friendly vehicle. These types of cars are hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles that can help you save money on gas and are better for the environment.


Even though the state of Oklahoma does not require testing, there are some ways that you can benefit when driving an eco-friendly vehicle in the state of Oklahoma. It is possible for residents of Oklahoma to apply for an alternative fuel vehicle income tax credit. The other tax credit that may be available for residents is the federal tax incentives for green vehicles.

If your vehicle operates on compressed natural gas there are also programs such as the natural gas rebate and loan program that you may find beneficial. It is also possible to receive certain insurance discounts if you drive eco-friendly vehicles, such as electric vehicles hybrids or if you practice green driving habits.

Keep Oklahoma Beautiful

Even though the state does not require smog checks, you should keep your vehicle working in proper order in order to keep everyone safe on the road and smog and emissions to minimum. It is important that you monitor the following items regularly on your vehicle so that you know that your vehicle is working properly. Many of these things you may want to check on an annual basis:

  • your horn
  • brakes, taillights, headlights, turn signals
  • license plate and license plate light
  • tires and tread
  • mirrors

You will also want to make sure that you check all your fluids regularly to make sure they are at their proper levels. Make sure that when you have your oil changed they check fluids like transmission, break, radiator, power steering, in which a washer fluids. Most repair shops will perform this task for free with the purchase of an oil change.

You should also maintain a clean air filter and brakes that are in working order. If you notice any squeaking of your brakes you should have them checked as soon as possible. Finally, it is important that you keep an eye on all other equipment such as the battery, belts, and spark plugs and make sure that they are working properly and are not ready to be changed.

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