Oregon Emissions

Oregon Emissions

Some residents believe that the Oregon emissions testing is a nuisance. However, it is important for maintaining clean air quality in the state which is known for having very beautiful natural beauty.

You can receive more information regarding how to obtain emissions test through the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality website as well as how much it will cost and the steps that you can take if you fail the test. Below is some general information regarding requirements and other information that you may find beneficial.


If you live in Portland and Medford areas, the DEQ operates clean-air stations and you will most likely be required to pass the emissions test before you can renew your registration.

If you live in Portland you will be required to have your vehicle tested if it is all gas powered, alternative fuel, and hybrid vehicle and is newer than 1975. Diesel powered vehicles will also need to be tested if they are under 8500 pounds and newer than 1975.

For the Medford area you must pass a test if your vehicle is an all gas powered, alternative fuel, and hybrid vehicle which are 20 years old or newer. Diesel powered vehicles that are newer than 20 years and weigh less than 8500 pounds will also be required to be tested.


There are some exemptions that have been put in place as well, including diesel vehicles that are at least 8501 pounds, vehicles that are registered outside of Portland or Medford testing areas, and motorcycles or low-speed vehicles.

You may need to fill out a declaration of exemption and submitted to the DEQ’s vehicle inspection program if your vehicle is exempt. You may be required to do this when you renew your vehicle’s registration.


In order to make sure that you pass the emissions test is a good idea to follow the following guidelines before you take your vehicle into be tested:

  • Make sure your vehicle is in good working condition
  • Make sure that your emissions equipment is functioning and intact
  • Your vehicle should not be smoking
  • You should drive vehicle sufficiently so that it will be in a normal operating temperature
  • Make sure that you leave your engine running and the vehicle is in neutral or park while the test is being conducted
  • You should not bring your pets to the testing station and you should avoid smoking and using cell phones while you are in line
  • Your vehicle will also need to have the onboard diagnostic in the ready status
  • You must also be prepared to pay for the testing things when you have them completed


Many states offer repair waivers of vehicles if they are too expensive to repair and fail the tests. However, Oregon does not offer assistance but does offer a program that will help low income drivers pay for repairs if they are necessary. If you fail the test, you will be required to repair your vehicle and have it retested. When your vehicle is retested you will not be required to pay a charge and you will be able to receive a report so that you and your mechanic will be able to identify and fix any issues that occur.

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