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The state of Arizona requires vehicle owners to have emissions testing done on their vehicles.  If your insurance company has you participate in their program that monitors your car’s operations data you need to know that you must remove the ‘Data Logger’ from your car’s Data Link Collector prior to getting your emissions tested.  An emissions employee will not take off or put back the data logger to the data link collector.

Arizona has started a new program designed to help minimize the amount of time that you need to wait in line for emissions.  There is a toll free number, 1-877-692-9227, which you can call ahead and you will told what the current emissions wait time is.  If you are in a rush it is advised you call ahead to see how busy the emissions testing facility currently is.

To know if it is time for you to get your emissions tested it should say ‘Emissions Test Required’ on your registration renewal application.  If it does not say this than it is not yet time for an emissions test.

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