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Arizona – General Emissions Information

Last updated on April 26th, 2018

There are general questions concerning the Arizona emissions testing program that people have.  This section will attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and provide tips on Arizona emissions policies.

Can I have a passenger or pet in the car during emissions testing?

No, you should not bring any passenger or pet in your vehicle when you bring your vehicle for emissions testing.  You will be required to exit the vehicle during emissions testing or you will need to move to the passenger seat.  No other person and no pet is allowed in the car during emissions testing.

What if my car is not running?

All vehicles must be able to enter the emissions inspection station on their own power.  If you have any trailers or attachments on the back of your vehicle you will need to remove them prior to testing.

Can I get my emissions tested if my check engine light is on?

If your vehicle is from 1996 or is newer and has OBD equipment you will not pass the emissions testing procedure if your check engine light is on.  You should have your vehicle repaired prior to testing.

How much are the fees for emissions testing in Arizona?

The fees vary depending on location and type of vehicle.  In the Tuscon area all vehicles are $12.25 to get the emissions testing done.  In the Phoenix area if your vehicle is 1981 or newer and under 8,500 pounds the fee is $27.75.  Heavy duty diesel vehicles which weight more than 8,500 pounds are assessed a $28 fee for emissions testing, and most other vehicles are $19.

What happens if I live outside of the emissions test area but I received an Emissions Required notice?

You can print out an emissions exemption form found here and submit it.


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Illinois – Emissions Testing Locations

Last updated on November 9th, 2017

There are many Illinois Emissions Testing locations where you can get your Illinois emissions test performed.  Below is a list of many stations that do emissions testing throughout Illinois.  It is always recommended that you call ahead to check on wait times, schedule an appointment if necessary, and ensure that the station is still performing emissions testing.

Here are state run testing only locations:

OBD Only Testing Facility
425 S Lombard Rd
Addison, IL 60101
(800) 378-1108

OBD Only Testing Facility
1850 W Webster Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(800) 380-6610

OBD Only Testing Facility
2450 Landmeier Rd
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(800) 378-4477

OBD Only Testing Facility
3555 Jarvis Ave
Skokie, IL 60076
(800) 383-3995

OBD Only Testing Facility
7460 Duvan Dr
Tinley Park, IL 60477
(800) 383-6503


Here are full service testing facilities:

Full Service Testing Facility
5231 W. 70th Pl
Bedford Park, Illinois 60638
(800) 379-4489

Full Service Testing Facility
6959 W Forest Preserve Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60634
(800) 383-7085

Full Service Testing Facility
195 Liberty Rd
Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014
(800) 381-1765

Full Service Testing Facility
3501 Mall Loop Dr
Joliet, Illinois 60431
(800) 378-4855

Full Service Testing Facility
580 Bond St
Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069
(800) 382-7933

Full Service Testing Facility
3824 W 159th Pl
Markham, Illinois 60428
(800) 379-2160

Full Service Testing Facility
435 Weston Ridge Dr
Naperville, Illinois 60563
(800) 382-9092

Full Service Testing Facility
1000 E Chain of Rocks Rd
Pontoon Beach, Illinois 62040
(800) 383-7172

Full Service Testing Facility
1675 Mitchell Blvd
Schaumburg, Illinois 60193
(800) 382-4354

Full Service Testing Facility
4200 Trade Ct
Swansea, Illinois 62226
(800) 383-8977

Full Service Testing Facility
2161 Northwestern Ave
Waukegan, Illinois 60087
(800) 380-8337

Full Service Testing Facility
230 N Old Saint Louis Rd
Wood River, Illinois 62095
(800) 383-9592

Here are local businesses which also can perform emissions testing for you on your vehicle.

Station Address
Station Type
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
LANSING , IL 60438
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
35 East 162nd Street
MARKHAM Full Service
3824 W. 159th Place
Markham , IL 60426
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
2260 W. 127th Street
Blue Island , IL 60406
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
4458 West 147th Street
7460 Duvan Dr.
Tinley Park , IL 60477
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
7424 S. Stony Island
Chicago , IL 60649
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
13400 S Ridgeland
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
9740 Southwest Hwy.
OAK LAWN , IL 60453
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
7743 S. Cicero
Chicago , IL 60652
5231 W. 70th Place
Bedford Park , IL 60638
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
6420 Ogden Ave
BERWYN , IL 60402
MIDAS Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
5815 S. LaGrange Road
Countryside , IL 60525
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
12775 Main Street
LEMONT , IL 60439
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
20712 Gaskin Drive
1850 Webster Ave.
Chicago , IL 60614
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
700 Madison Street
Oak Park , IL 60302
MIDAS Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
11105 W. Roosevelt Road
Westchester , IL 60154
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
10139 Roosevelt Road
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
CHICAGO , IL 60639
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
6135 South Cass Avenue
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
CHICAGO , IL 60618
6959 W. Forest Preserve
Chicago , IL 60634
JOLIET Full Service
3501 Mall Loop Drive
Joliet , IL 60435
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
815 Ogden Avenue
Firestone Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
5604 Route 53
Lisle , IL 60532
435 Weston Ridge Rd.
Naperville , IL 60540
3555 W. Jarvis Ave.
Skokie , IL 60076
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
716 West Lake Street
ADDISON , IL 60101
425 S. Lombard Rd.
Addison , IL 60101
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
1032 East Ogden Avenue
2450 Landmeier Rd.
Elk Grove Village , IL 60007
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
9401 Golf Road
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
2094 South Elmhurst Road
MIDAS Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
130 W Roosevelt Road
West Chicago , IL 60185
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
3402 Milwaukee Avenue
1675 Mitchell Blvd.
Schaumburg , IL 60193
MIDAS Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
1804 W. Army Trail Road
Hanover Park , IL 60133
MIDAS Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
1505 W Irving Park Road
Hanover Park , IL 60133
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
202 Genesis Drive
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
1301 North Lake Street
AURORA , IL 60506
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
811A West Higgins Road
580 Bond Street
Lincolnshire , IL 60069
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
8000 Binnie Road
Carpentersville , IL 60110
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
80 Kennedy Drive
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
313 Townline Rd.
WAUKEGAN Full Service
2161 Northwestern Ave.
Waukegan , IL 60087
195 Liberty Rd.
Crystal Lake , IL 60014
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
875 E Grand Ave
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
4705 W Elm
McHenry , IL 60050
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
2701 Washington Avenue
ALTON , IL 62002
WOOD RIVER Full Service
230 N. Old St. Louis Road
Wood River , IL 62095
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
411 Belt Line Road
1000 E. Chain of Rocks Rd.
Pontoon Beach , IL 62040
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
702 Martin Luther King Dr
SWANSEA Full Service
4200 Trade Ct.
Swansea , IL 62226
Dobbs Tire & Auto Center Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
1300 Camp Jackson Rd
Cahokia , IL 62206
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Maryland – Emissions Failures and Retests

Last updated on November 9th, 2017

There is a chance that your vehicle may have failed the Maryland emissions inspection test.  In the event of Vehicle Emissions Failures there are a few possibilities that caused this and there are certain steps you now must follow.

Your vehicle could have failed the test for the following reasons: Your vehicle has exceeded the standards for hydrocarbon resulting in a hydrocarbon failure.  Your vehicle has exceeded the standards for carbon monoxide resulting in carbon monoxide failure.  There could have been a sample dilution failure.  Your vehicle could have failed the On Board Diagnostics test.  Your vehicle could have missing, disconnected, or broken emissions control equipment.  Or your vehicle could have had a gas cap failure resulting in vapors leaking from your vehicle.

If your vehicle failed the Maryland emissions test your next step is to have the vehicle repaired to correct whatever failure(s) have occurred.  After your vehicle is repaired you need to get your vehicle retested.  When you go to get your emissions retest you should bring along your initial test results paper that you were given, along with the paperwork from the garage/service center that repaired your vehicle’s emissions issues.   The first retest of your vehicle is free.

If you spent $450 or more on your emissions related vehicle repairs you may be eligible to get a Maryland emissions waiver.  If you would like to apply for the waiver you must complete the backside of the vehicle inspection report paper you were given after your vehicle was initially tested.  You must also submit the receipts for the work you had done on your vehicle.

If you fail the retest your second retest you will need to pay for.

If you have any questions you can contact the emissions inspection program at 1-800-638-8347.  If you have questions for the MVA the customer service contact number is 1-800-950-1682.


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Exemptions for Massachusetts

Last updated on April 26th, 2018

Vehicles Exemptions Massachussetts – Vehicles in the state of Massachusetts are required to pass emissions and safety inspections. However, in some cases vehicles may be exempt from these tests, let’s take a look at which ones are exempt.

The following vehicles are exempt from emissions testing:


  • Diesel vehicles less than 8,500 lbs. that were manufactured before 1998 and/or are over 15 years old
  • Diesel vehicles weighing up to 10,000 lbs. that were manufactured before 2007 and/or are over 15 years old
  • Non-diesel medium duty vehicles that were manufactured before 2008 and/or are more than 15 years old
  • Motorcycles and mopeds
  • Military vehicles
  • Electric powered vehicles

Farm and Construction Exemptions

Farming and construction vehicles that are not meant to be driven on the road are exempt from emissions testing. These include the following:

  • Construction vehicles used in the actual construction work process (i.e. bulldozers, excavators, motor graders, articulated loader/haulers)
  • NOTE: This does not include pickups or vehicles owned by construction companies to be driven on MA roadways (i.e. semis, dump trucks, cement trucks, etc.)
  • Tractors and off-road farm equipment (does not include pickups or vehicles with farm registration plates driven on MA roadways)

Source: http://www.dmv.org/ma-massachusetts/smog-check.php

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What You Need to Know About Your Check Engine Light

Last updated on March 4th, 2021

Check Engine Light – The state of Colorado requires emissions testing on most vehicles in the state. But did you know that if your check engine light comes on, it could mean that your vehicle is no longer safe on the environment?

We all know that when our check engine light comes on, it means that our vehicle needs some sort of maintenance, it can be something simple, or something more serious. The problem is, most people don’t realize that when you drive your vehicle while the light is on, you are exposing the air to dangerous toxins.

Your vehicle is no longer in good standing with emissions laws, because there is something wrong with the vehicle. It’s also dangerous to drive a vehicle while the light is on because something could go wrong while driving, resulting in an accident. You should have your vehicle checked before driving it again once the engine light comes on.

It’s usually something simple, like a loose gas cap, or its time to replace spark plugs. Don’t be afraid when your check engine light comes on, it’s usually something cheap and easy to repair. So the next time your check engine light comes on, keep in mind that you could be polluting the air around you, and that not only effects you, but the people around you.

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Illinois – Emissions Testing Hours & Schedule

Last updated on March 4th, 2021

For the state of Illinois, it is required that the emissions test is carried out every two years. The cars that must be tested are the cars build four years ago or older than that. The two-year inspection must be done before the registration renewal is due. Due to this two year rule, even model years are tested on the even year and odd model years take emissions test on odd years. You also need to check the other state of Illinois regulations and requirements for emissions testing.

The state will send you a notice stating that your car is due for the emissions test. You will need to bring this notice with you for the testing. In order for the car to be eligible for registration renewal, it must successfully pass the Illinois emissions testing. If your car is due for the test, you’ll need to first find the nearest Illinois emissions testing station. To find a location near you, click here.

Illinois emissions testing stations hours

Once you’ve selected your location, you’ll then need to check emissions testing stations hours and availability. Illinois emissions testing stations hours can vary depending upon the location of the service center at which you are going to do your emissions test. For example, emissions testing hours in Naperville are 8:00 AM–6:00 PM, while for some stations for emissions testing hours in Skokie are 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. On Saturdays, most vehicle emissions testing stations work from 7:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Make sure you get the right information by contacting the emissions test location prior to visiting. You can find the nearest station by visiting the locations page for your county. Make sure that your chosen date is not Sunday or a Federal Holiday since most Illinois emissions testing stations are closed on these dates. You can check the dates of Federal Holidays in the table below.

Federal Holidays are:

Holiday 2017 2018
New Year’s Day Monday, January 2 Monday, January 1
Martin Luther King Day Monday, January 16 Monday, January 15
Lincoln’s Birthday Monday, February 13 Monday, February 12
Washington’s Birthday
(President’s Day)
Monday, February 20 Monday, February 19
Memorial Day Monday, May 29 Monday, May 28
Independence Day Tuesday, July 4 Wednesday, July 4
Labor Day Monday, September 4 Monday, September 3
Columbus Day Monday, October 9 Monday, October 8
General Election Day Tuesday, November 6
Veterans’ Day Friday, November 10 Monday, November 12
Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday
November 23 and 24
Thursday and Friday
November 22 and 23
Christmas Monday, December 25 Tuesday, December 25

*Please note that the holidays can change since the state is continuously negotiating with various unions.

Illinois Air Team Car Emissions Testing

If you are going to have your car tested by the Air Team appointment only testing station, you can call to set up an appointment. The number to speak with a representative is (844) 258-9071. You can also call to find out how long the current waiting times are for the emissions testing centers.

Illinois emissions testing stations schedule

It is best if you book an emissions testing appointment in advance, but if you cannot do that, it’s good to know the schedule and the time it takes to take the emissions test. If you can, avoid going for a test at the beginning and the end of the month, or on Saturdays. These are the busiest times for most emissions testing locations in Illinois. It should be easy to schedule a timely visit to emissions testing center of your choice since you’ll have four months to take your vehicle in for the test prior to the registration expiry. The wait times can also vary depending on the location. Wait time for emissions testing in Swansea area is usually around one, while for some locations, like Markham emissions testing center, the wait time can be nine. Check all the available information at your disposal, so that you don’t have to waste time waiting in line at the emissions testing location.

Shorten the wait time for others

Chicago Emissions Testing

You can help shorten the emissions test wait times for other motorists if you come prepared for the testing. This, of course, means preparing your car so that the test can be done quickly. You need to make sure that the car engine is warmed up properly, that the car is safe to operate and that there is nothing obstructing the access to the DLC unit of your car. You can also read some tips that may help you pass the emissions testing safely.

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