Vehicle Safety Inspection for Hawaii Residents

Last updated on April 26th, 2018

In the state of Hawaii, emissions testing is not required for vehicles. This is mainly because the air quality in Hawaii is wonderful, mostly because of the breezy location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, makes the air quality wonderful. Also, gas prices are outrageous in Hawaii, which forces most people to use alternatives when it comes to transportation.

The only thing your vehicle needs to pass for registration is a safety check. A safety inspector will look for the following during the safety test:

  • Your vehicles body, bumpers, and fenders
  • Your vehicles battery and wiring system
  • Your vehicles brake system and suspension
  • Doors, hood, and trunk latches and components
  • The vehicles drive train
  • The vehicles fuel, intake, and exhaust systems
  • The vehicles mirror, lamps, and reflectors
  • The vehicles seat belts and restraint systems
  • Your vehicles tires and wheels

If any of these are damaged or need to be repaired, the vehicle will not pass. You will need to have any necessary repairs done before re-testing.

The safety inspector will also verify your vehicle insurance, VIN number, and license plate information.


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