Illinois emissions test extension and due date

Last updated on March 4th, 2021

The Illinois law states that vehicles must undergo an emissions test every two years. The cars that are four years old or older fall into this category. There can be exempts from emissions testing, depending on the vehicle type and area zip code. If the car has failed the emissions test, it will have to be retested. In some cases, you can get Illinois emissions test extension. The program is governed by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Emissions test due date, Illinois

As stated above, all cars that are four years old or older must be tested every two years. The testing is usually due every even or odd year. If the car was manufactured in the even year, it is due for testing every even year. On the other hand, if the car was manufactured in the odd year, it will be due for the test every odd year. For new residents, the emissions test due date will be set after the car has been registered. The testing notice will then be sent and the car must be taken to the emissions testing center in Illinois for the first inspection. For Lake, Cook, and Dupage county, it is obligatory for all zip codes to have the vehicles emissions testing done. For other counties, there can be some zip code exclusions.

Illinois emissions test extension

In some cases, the extension for Illinois emissions test can be requested. The state contractor will then be responsible to process these requests. By scanning the QR code, you will be taken to the governing website where the request for emissions testing extension can be filed. The extension application process can be done online in full. It is also important to mention that the centralized stations offer the service of registration renewal as well. Once the vehicle has completed the emissions testing, registration stickers can be conveniently purchased at the location.

Failed emissions test

The car can fail the emissions test for several reasons. It is important to know that if the vehicle is rejected, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has failed the test. This can just mean that the testing cannot be done properly because something is missing or the car is not yet due for the emissions test. Your vehicle can even be exempted from the testing. Should the car actually fail the Illinois emissions test, it will have to be properly serviced and then retested again. In the case of failure, you will be provided with the following documents: Vehicle inspection report and certificate, repair shop card and the required vehicle repair data. The technician can then help determine and suggest further steps regarding the repairs and retesting. You will also need to carefully keep all the repair records and receipts. In some cases, the repairs can be done on the site. Some vehicle emissions testing centers in Illinois offer this service at their location. Several even offer coupons if you choose to have your vehicle repaired at their location.

The state of Illinois has its own set of rules and requirements for emissions testing. It is advised that you carefully read these rules and requirements prior to taking your car for the testing. You can also check some of the tips that may help you prepare your car to pass the emissions test.

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