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Last updated on November 10th, 2017

Illinois General Emissions Information – There are many questions concerning the state of Illinois emissions testing program.  Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers concerning the Illinois emissions inspection program.

Which vehicles need to get tested for emissions?

Usually most vehicles manufactured in 1996 up through four years ago need to have an emissions inspection.  There are vehicles that are exempt from emissions testing.  These are vehicles that fall under one of the below categories:

The vehicle powered by diesel fuel or 100% powered by electricity.

Vehicles manufactured in 1967 or prior.

Vehicles operated solely for items such as parades, ceremonies, civic organizations, etc…

If your vehicle was manufactured in 1995 or prior that was compliant with the February 1, 2007 Illinois Vehicles Emissions Inspection Law.

If your vehicle is registered in another state and is compliant with the emissions program law in that state.

What kind of test is done during an emissions test?

The emissions test consists of an On-Board Diagnostic test.  This test checks a computer data log that is stored in your car which identifies if there are any issues with your engine causing a greater amount of emissions to be produced than is legal.

How often does my vehicle need to be tested?

Emissions testing is required every two years on your vehicle.

Is emissions testing required on heavy duty vehicles?

If your vehicle weighs between 8,501 and 14,000 pounds and was manufactured in 2007 or later than an emissions test is required in Illinois.

What is an exhaust and gas cap test?

This is a test performed on vehicles that were manufactured prior to 1996.  Vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later are given the ODB test.  The reason for this is that it was a requirement that began in 1996 that vehicles must be equipped with a standardized ODB system for emissions testing purposes.

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