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Last updated on March 15th, 2021

Kentucky State Emissions

The state of Kentucky adopted vehicle emissions testing programs for three counties in the northern portion of the state in 1999, but this requirement ended in 2005 after Governor Ernie Fletcher signed an emergency regulation.

It was decided that error quality have improved in such a way that no longer required this program and that there were other methods to reduce air pollutants that were more valuable.


Although the state does not require smog and emissions testing, there are some ways that you can receive tax breaks and auto insurance discounts if you decide to make a conscious effort to be more eco-friendly when you’re driving.

The state itself does not offer any tax incentives, but there are tax credits that are available through the federal government for individuals who own electric cars, hybrids, electric cars, diesels, and alternative fuel vehicles.

There is a list of state incentives for businesses that produce and distribute eco-friendly alternative fuels. The IRS also offers tax credits for those you purchase green items.

Propane Excise Tax

If you use propane to operate your vehicle on public highways, you will be able to avoid the state excise tax that is normally paid in the state of Kentucky otherwise. If you are looking to qualify for this exemption, your vehicle must fall into one of the following categories:

  • it must gain approval through the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet
  • must have a fuel system in line with the standards of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

LG&E and KU Low-Emission Vehicle Pilot Program

Residential customers, since August 2010, are able to take part of a low emission vehicle pilot program which includes:

  • hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles, which can be recharged through charging outlet
  • vehicles that operate on natural gas and are refueled through an electric powered refueling appliance is located at the residential customers home

Insurance Discounts

There are many insurance companies in Kentucky that offer discounts as a reward for green driving habits. In order to qualify for these discounts, you will need to keep the miles you drive at a minimum and drive a fuel-efficient vehicle.

There are many discounts to choose from, but you will need to check with your individual insurance provider to see if any are offered for the vehicle that you have chosen to drive.

KY Rideshare Programs

Although Kentucky does not offer incentives, there is a major push in urban districts, such as Lexington, Louisville, and Northern Kentucky, for rideshare programs. There are many places online that you can look for opportunities to help reduce the traffic on the roads and again to save money by sharing your vehicle with your fellow Kentuckians.


The state of Kentucky does not require testing for emissions, but it is still important that we maintain vehicles that reduce the amount of pollution that is put into the air. You should strive to maintenance your vehicle as needed and keep your vehicle running properly and the lowest amount of pollution as possible.

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