Maine Emissions

Last updated on April 25th, 2018

Maine Emissions

Vehicle emissions tests are required for many vehicles in the state of Maine in order to receive original registrations as well as the renewal of registrations. Notices are sent annually to vehicle owners and these notices will indicate whether you need an inspection and when the inspection should be completed by. For vehicles that have been registered in Cumberland County, you will also need to pass an enhanced auto inspection.

Currently, vehicles that are registered in Cumberland County are the only vehicles that are required to go through an emissions test and there is an exemption in place for vehicles that are registered outside of this county.

Where can I have the Maine Emissions Test completed?

You can have an emissions test at any station that has been licensed by Cumberland County and an inspection mechanic will be responsible for the actual testing of your vehicle. You can contact the Maine Department of Environmental Protection for further information regarding the specific locations that can test your vehicle.

The Maine State Police, Motor Vehicle Inspection Unit has also set a maximum fee that can be collected from inspectors. You should learn this information before having your vehicle tested. The fee depends upon the specific type of vehicle and the date that it was purchased.


If your vehicle fails to pass the inspection, you will have 60 days to have the repairs made in order to make sure that your vehicle passes the test. The vehicle can either be repaired at the station or somewhere else and some stations offer a discount where it you do not pass after the repairs are completed, you do not pay for the repairs. If your vehicle is older than 1996, it will be required to participate in 1 week of city driving after repairs are made in order to be able to be retested.

Clean School Bus Program

There has also been a program set up in the state of Maine to help with the damage created by school buses. Research has shown the buses emit the most exhaust when they are in the following situations:

  • When they are idling with their doors open or windows down
  • When they move into intense traffic
  • When they are followed by other diesel vehicles
  • When they are in line to load or unload students and are idling

In order to help with these areas, the state of Maine has implemented a program to encourage the following:

  • Reduce the amount of time that a bus spends idling and creating no idling zones around schools
  • Using auxiliary direct fuel fired heaters
  • Using alternative fuels
  • Retrofitting fuels

It is estimated that a school bus can burn about one gallon of fuel for every hour that it spends idling. This wastes fuel and exposes kids and drivers to harmful diesel exhaust.


Main is actively pursuing ways to improve the quality of their air by implementing programs, such as the Clean School Bus Program. These programs are a great way to protect both the environment and the people who live in the state as well. Contact your local DMV in order to determine if you are required to have an inspection on your vehicle based upon the area in which you live.

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