New Hampshire Emissions

Last updated on March 16th, 2021

New Hampshire Emissions

The state of New Hampshire requires OBD testing for many original registrations and for annual registration renewals. Inspection stickers have the expiration date indicated on them and you will need to have the testing completed before the end of the expiration date.


There are a number of vehicles that will need to have an emissions test each year. For example, if your vehicle is newer than 1996 or if it runs on gasoline it will need to be tested. It will also need an emissions test if it is newer than 1997, runs on diesel, and is less than 8500 pounds.


Emissions test are valid in the state of New Hampshire for 12 months. You will need to have one completed when you’re looking to renew your registration or obtain an original registration. Used car dealers are required to provide one for vehicles that they are selling, but it is the buyer’s responsibility if the vehicle has been purchased from a private owner.

If your vehicle is older than 1995, you will not need to have and emissions testing completed.

Currently, there are no regulations regarding the fees that can be charged for vehicle inspection and you will need to compare the prices between different stations. There are many authorized emissions inspection stations that are licensed by the state who can inspect your vehicle.


For vehicles that failed the emissions test, you will need to have vehicle repaired and after having the vehicle repaired it will need to be retested. You can either repair the vehicle at the station or somewhere else if you choose, but the repairs must be made within the first 60 days after the first inspection. Is also important that your vehicle is repaired by a technician who is OBD trained.

It is also possible to receive an economic hardship waiver if you are unable to pay for necessary repairs within the 60 days’ time period.

Moving to New Hampshire

If you are moving to the state of New Hampshire, you must visit an inspection station within 10 days of registering your vehicle at a New Hampshire DMV. After the inspection has been completed, you will be presented with the proper inspection sticker that will be valid for the length of time that your vehicle registration is valid.

You will be required to have your vehicle re-inspect annually within 10 days of the month you were born in. However, if you have an antique vehicle that you’re registering, the sticker will always expire in the month of April.


There are a number of things that the safety inspection will look for when they are checking your vehicle. These items will help keep you and other passengers in your vehicle safe as well as others on the roadways safe while you’re driving your vehicle.

It is important that you keep up with the exact timeframe when you are required to have your inspection completed so that you are always compliant with the laws that have been put in place. If your inspection sticker expires, you may be subject to a fine that must be paid to the state as well as other penalties.

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