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Indiana – General Emissions Information

Last updated on April 26th, 2018

There are many common questions that residents of Indiana have about the state’s emissions testing program and requirements to pass the Indiana emissions inspection.  This section will look at the most frequently asked questions and their answers concerning the Indiana emissions testing program.

How often does my vehicle need to be brought in for emissions testing?

In Indiana, emissions testing is required every two years.  If your vehicle was manufactured in the last four years it is exempt from requiring emissions testing until it is five years old.  Emissions testing in Indiana is done on an odd year/even year basis, meaning if your vehicle was manufactured in a year ending with an odd digit (such as 1997) you will need emissions testing to be done on odds years (such as 2013, 2015, 2017), and if your vehicle was manufactured on a year ending in an even digit your vehicle will need to get emissions testing done in years ending on an even digit.

When will I need to get my vehicle’s emissions tested?

In order for you to renew your registration in Indiana you will need to have your vehicle pass the Indiana emissions inspection.

How will I know if I have an emissions test that I need to complete?

You will be notified if you live in Lake and Porter counties by the Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles when you have an emissions test due.  Indiana will send this notice out to you about two months prior to the due date of the emissions test.

Do I need to wait for the emissions testing notice in order to have my vehicle’s emissions tested?

No, you can have your emissions tested earlier if you wish.  Vehicles can have emissions testing done as early as October of the year prior the due date.

Is there a customer service number or email if I need to contact someone from Indiana’s Clearn Air Car Check program?

Yes, you can call toll free 888-240-1684 or you can send an email to [email protected] if you would like to reach someone to speak with.

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