Has the awareness of emissions had an effect on the environment so far?

Last updated on April 23rd, 2021

It is one to create awareness on a serious matter, levy taxes and spend billions, and another to be successful in the pursuit of emission reductions. Since the cat was let out the bag regarding the effect our planet is having on the ozone and the environment, in general, the world has gone into emission reduction overdrive. For the first time in the history of the planet, the entire world was in shock and started thinking that we may not have this beautiful planet forever.

Suddenly started changing, people started picketing outside factories and the gas guzzlers were slowly being changed to hybrids and bicycles. This was not enough and the world was shocked to hear the biggest contributors to CO2 were, in fact, livestock, particularly cows. Either we needed to let the steak go or more drastic measures were needed to reduce the pressure. The taxes soon followed and legislation was being passed to ensure the new engines would be more fuel efficient and there would be lower emissions. Science projects regarding alternative energy sources were funded and a few alternatives were found.

Through this phase, however, individuals started coming forward that and said that they designed alternative energy years before the effect on the ozone was even just a thought, however, was paid off and threatened as this would have cost big business too much money in terms of the conversion that needed to take place. The sad reality was the energy alternatives that existed in other parts of the world were also treated in this manner, as it would reduce the demand for oil, which is after a slowly depleting. The effect on our planet was devastated, and whether we are in time to reverse the effects of the diminishing ozone remains to be seen, as the changes in the weather patterns and the melting ice caps should be at the forefront of decision making. The dollar won’t matter when the entire world floods or the ozone is virtually nonexistent and even the tiniest solar flare is the end of humanity.

There is hope

Studies have shown that since to implement the Kyoto Protocol, there have been significant reductions in the emissions in the UK and US. This is to reduce the effects of global warming. The protocol was put in place to first acknowledge that global warming exists and that man’s CO2 emissions caused it. For this to have been successful, it was important for all governments accept not only responsibility but also ownership of the problem which was, and still is, global warming. The UK and the US seem to be heading in the right direction, and only time will tell whether it is in time to repair the damage that has been done. In order for a government to be successful, it is crucial that the individual is successful as the power of reducing emissions is in the hands of everyone.

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