Lyft & Driver vs. Uber and Taxi Cabs…

Last updated on March 21st, 2018

Traditional taxis are no longer the only ones with some still competition.  Ever since an Uber entered the market, taxicab companies worldwide have been protesting.  They sensed a threat to their own existence the likes of which had never been seen and they weren’t going to take it lying down.  The fresh, new, technology friendly approach to getting a ride seemed to welcome and immediately took the world by storm.  Uber was and is everywhere!  They’re not, however, the only tech-savvy show on the road.  There are others, and they’re doing it big.  They’ve entered the market, as Uber did, with an edge…a green edge.

There’s a new kid on the block called Lyft.  They currently service San Francisco, LA and New York.  They are currently romancing their clientele with special programs that promote savings and a healthier environment.  One such program is called Lyft Line.  What’s Lyft Line does is offer its customers the option of sharing a lift.  A customer can arrange ahead, sharing their scheduled ride with two or three additional riders.  The result in this can be a saving all the way around.  The riders save anywhere from ten to sixty percent off standard fares.  The fuel and greenhouse emissions savings of driving four passengers in one car rather than four separate vehicles being on the road speak for itself, as does the inherent reduction in traffic.

Another innovative program that Lyft has in place is called Lyft Pioneer.  Lyft Pioneer is designed to promote its arrival in new areas.  Enrolling in such a program, when service becomes available, can result in savings for new riders, credits for their referral friends and ride credit vouchers.  Every new service area will have unique opportunities to save and will bring all the technology-friendly services to its clients that Lyft users have come to enjoy.

These technologies driven services, like Apps that can be downloaded to your phone or other device and get you a ride quickly are just the market-driven services that put Uber in demand.  They are the services that have traditional taxicab companies shaking in their shoes and protesting.  Gone are the days of unfriendly dispatchers and waiting out in inclement weather for your dirty, outrageously expensive cab.

Now that we’ve touched on the unpleasant traditional experience of days gone by, we look to the horizon of experiences yet to come.  The experiences I speak of are those of the new and well-dressed Driver.  Driver steps onto the scene with a sheik and best foot forward approach.  The feather in their cap is a fleet of luxurious Tesla electric cars.  These guys definitely know how to make being environmentally friendly look good!

With your mobile device, you can summon your state of the art carriage in a matter of seconds.  Each car has a “panoramic” glass roof and concierge service to ensure you receive only the most thoroughly enjoyable and remarkable services.  They even give you the option to do a little additional shopping or errand running at a reasonable hourly rate.  Though new to the market and not quite close to home yet, these gallant knights will soon be contenders in the marketplace.  That is, so long as the educated “other half” wants a ride fast, in style and for less…oh!  And greenly!

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