Making “Green” Hip

Last updated on March 21st, 2018

It’s the age of staying relevant, Nissan is all over it!  Brilliant marketing and tactics are obviously at work here.  This group knows how to make having a moral compass more sheik.  They also know how to create a buzz doing it.  If you’re no stranger to the Internet, you may already know that Nissan had unleashed a Glow-In-The-Dark Leaf!  It’s the entire rave right now, but it’s not even for sale! (NOT YET, anyway)

If you’re like me, you’re already fully aware of the lure of that entire glow!  Glowworms, glow sticks at Halloween, lightsabers and my favorite…glow-in-the-dark-stars (making bedroom walls and ceilings cooler since I don’t know when) have been around for decades and have NEVER lost their appeal.  In fact, they’re still in demand and growing in popularity if you ask my kids or their cousins and friends.  Glowing in the dark is hot, but is not, no.

What’s new, and refreshing, is Nissan’s approach!  They’re causing a scene while raising awareness and they’re partnering with the right people do it.  Hamish Scott is a brilliant inventor, forward thinker and business owner in the U.K.  His company, Pro-Teq Surfacing, is the creator of STARPATH.  They’ve been busy lighting up pathways in England for a while now.   He started with a pathway at Cambridge University for testing and product development and it didn’t take long for the brilliance and potential of such an idea to catch on.  His product uses the rays of sunlight (UV rays) by storing them up and then releasing them after the sun goes down.  The result is a beautiful luminescence that adds visibility and takes nothing away.  His product is environmentally friendly.

Nissan partnered with Hamish in developing the paint for the glowing Leaf.  Even though the glowing paint is not the first glowing paint, it’s the first of its kind.  It’s the first to have an environmental conscience.  It’s the first with a hidden motive, which is to raise awareness of the benefits of solar energy!  BRILLIANT!  Nissan’s point, it’s argued, that if your home power by solar energy, then it’d be essentially free to own and perform your battery-powered Leaf!  That’s a forward-thinking idea.  It may validly since it’s not free to outfit your home with solar panels.  It’s not free to buy a Nissan Leaf. This does, however, raise an interesting question.  How long would it take for these to pay for themselves and start giving back?  Is it not necessary and responsible to start thinking with these NOW or even YESTERDAY?

For the Internet-obsessed generation that watches reality T.V., the real question is…”When can I get my glow-in-the-dark Nissan Leaf?”  The sooner Nissan answers this question for us the better!  Who doesn’t want a car that glows in the dark up to 10 hours after the sun goes down?  That’s longer than stars on the ceiling glow!  It would seem they’ve managed to become the coolest of cool Auto manufacturers, in that they’ve got their finger on the pulse of the relevant and they’re making it look good, too!  I WANT ONE!

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