Nebraska Emissions

Nebraska Emissions

Nebraska requires that you have your vehicle inspected before it can be registered and before you can receive your title. This must be done by the Nebraska Department of motor vehicles and you are given 30 days to have it completed after you have moved to Nebraska.

Nebraska vehicle inspections

Although the state does not require smog or emissions inspection, it does require vehicle inspections in order to receive a vehicle registration. Inspections are intended to check the vehicle identification number against the title or registration as well as the odometer reading. It is important to note that the odometer reading is simply for the County Sheriff’s office purposes and this information will not determine if your vehicle passes or fails the inspection.


All vehicles must undergo the inspection process unless they fall under a specific exemption. The vehicles that are required to have an inspection are as follows:

  • ATVs, minibikes and trailers that have been moved in from another state
  • ATVs, minibikes and assembled vehicles
  • ATVs and minibikes that do not have titles
  • ATV, minibikes or other vehicles that have a salvage certificate, but only if you are looking to have an application for a regular certificate of title, which will be listed as previously salvage on the title
  • Vehicles that are in need of an assigned ID number or a vehicle identification number

You will need to take your vehicle to your County Sheriff’s office in order to have it inspected. Below are some of the items that you need to do before you take it in.

  • Make sure your vehicle has all the major components and that they are properly attached to your vehicle
  • You will be asked to produce ownership documentation
  • There is a $10 inspection fee
  • You must fill out the inspection form

After you provide the required documentation, you will continue with the vehicle registration process. Typically, you will be able to receive all your paperwork, registration, license plates, and stickers on the same day.

It is important to remember that vehicle inspections are only valid for 90 days, so you will need to get your registration process completed during this time or you will be forced to undergo another inspection.


There are some circumstances where you are not required to receive an inspection:

  • If your certificate of title is present
  • You are able to present a statement of origin from the manufacturer
  • You have a US government certificate of title
  • You are applying for a salvage or a nontransferable certificate of title
  • If you are applying for a title for a boat or if your vehicle is a cabin trailer or motorhome
  • If the vehicle will be a registered through the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles Motor Carrier Services Division
  • If it is for a vehicle has been sold by manufacturer to dealer and that dealer is franchised by the manufacturer
  • If the title was sold at auction by the manufacturer
  • This title is for a trailer that has been registered previously in Nebraska as utility trailer


It is important that you adhere to the policies that the state of Nebraska has put in place when you’re registering your vehicle so that you will not have issues when it comes to receiving your registration information. Make sure that you have everything in hand when you’re ready to file for your title, tag, and renewal.

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