The Rise of Battery Powered Cars

Last updated on September 21st, 2023

battery powered carsEveryone knows about the rise of hybrids, and many people may even know several people that own one type or another. These cars have been lauded as the wave of the future but it seems the future is already here and happening, and we are still vastly reliant on oil and gas to keep our cars running. One alternative that has been presented time and time again is a car that runs only on battery power. The batteries we’ve seen up to this point have been unable to deliver a car that keeps a charge and is a reasonable price, but experts say that this could change very quickly.

Car makers such as Tesla have been working tirelessly to attempt to discover how to optimize the battery itself. As is well known, these cars with a hefty price tag, but researchers have predicted that we will start seeing solely battery powered cars in the very near future and that they could become prevalent as quickly as 5 years from now. These cars will have the capacity to hold a charge for up to 200 miles, and the impact on the environment will be major.

One of the problems with hybrid cars such as the Prius is the reliance on gas, however, reduced from a traditional car. Running the vehicle solely on battery power will reduce the battery’s lifespan, and the replacement batteries are extremely pricey. This is the car was meant for the fuel system and battery system to work hard in hand for maximum efficiency and also simply because when the car was introduced in the early 2000’s, the technology for a better system just wasn’t there. Flash forward a decade or so, and we find ourselves almost perfecting the technology outside of incredibly expensive cars that have thus far mainly served as novelties for the wealthy. A widespread knowledge and more available materials will drive the cost down and make these cars more attainable for the working class. Once this large subset of drivers has the ability to own a purely battery powered car, the emissions rate will steadily drop.

The middle class is the class that drives the most, as they must commute to and from their jobs rather than take public transportation and often drive further for leisure time, as the cost of airfare can sometimes evade them. Targeting the middle class with affordable Eco-friendly cars will make the most impact on pollution caused by cars in major metropolitan areas. Fortunately, the future is upon on, and if the experts are to be believed, it may happen sooner than anyone thought possible.

The environment has been at the forefront of many recent discussions and people are starting to realize how urgent the need to change our ways is becoming. Though hybrids filled the void for a while, the time has come to move on to even cleaner technology. Since battery powered cars are just around the corner, we need to start getting used to the idea and finally accept something other than gas-powered cars.

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