Wisconsin Emissions

Last updated on March 16th, 2021

Wisconsin Emissions

The state of Wisconsin requires emissions test in certain counties for vehicles that are newer in 1996 when it is time for them to be registered or for the renewals to be process. However, there are some exemptions that you should be aware of if you live in the state.

For example the following vehicles are exempt Wisconsin emissions testing:

  • Diesel vehicles that were manufactured before 2006
  • All vehicles that were manufactured before 1996
  • All vehicles that were manufactured after 96 and are not OBDII compliant
  • Motorcycles and mopeds
  • If the vehicle has a gross weight over 14,000 pounds
  • Trucks with farm registration
  • Vehicles that are powered electronically
  • Vehicles that are non-motorized
  • School buses and other human service vehicles that have a seat capacity of more than 16 people
  • Special design vehicles and ones that have been awarded a Medal of Honor

Some of the items listed above are exempt due to their environmentally friendly nature and are considered to be green eco-friendly vehicles. However, hybrids are not included on this exempt list because it is possible for them to run both on electricity and gasoline.

Wisconsin Emissions

What to expect

When you take your vehicle to the section station it is important to understand what you can expect from the experience. By knowing ahead of time what to expect, you will not be met with any surprises and will be able to provide all the information that the inspector needs in order to complete test.

For starters, you will be asked to provide your renewal notice to the inspector so that they can put the information into the computer. After this information has been verified your vehicle will be tested in a couple of different methods.

Newer vehicles may be tested using the onboard computer system that has provided with many your model vehicles. This allows the inspector to download the information directly from the vehicle to the testing station computer system.

If you own an older vehicle, the test will be completed a tailpipe tests. This means that your vehicle will be placed on a dynamometer and will undergo a series of driving simulations in order to determine if it functions correctly during all stages of driving.

Wisconsin Emissions

Pass and Fail

It’s your vehicle passes both the emissions test and gas Test the registration can you at the testing facility. The owner can also choose to go online or visited him the service center in order to have a renewed. If you do choose to renew your vehicle later, you will be issued a certificate showing that you have passed the test and what the results were.

If you happen to fail the emissions portion of the test, you will need to make all the necessary repairs and have the vehicle retested. You also need to do this if the gas cap needs to be replaced or there are issues in an area as well.

Protecting the environment is important in the state of Wisconsin, and it is important for citizens to adhere to the policies that have been set by the state in regards to their vehicles and the way that they function. Make sure that your regularly maintaining your vehicle so that you will not have any surprises when it comes time for inspection.

Wisconsin Emissions

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