Latest News on California’s Emissions Policies

Last updated on April 26th, 2018

California is a wonderful state when it comes to emissions laws and providing better air quality for most of the state. They have been concerned about the damage that vehicle emissions causes to our air, and have set in place laws regarding smog testing.

California has different policies in place to help cut out vehicle emissions and improve energy efficiency for the whole state. They are even eliminating fossil fuel altogether in some areas.

The state has a policy called, Low-Carbon Fuel Standard, and this policy in particular is not going over well with oil companies. Certain oil companies are stating that this will lead to a huge price rise in gasoline, and this will not sit well with consumers.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has sent an endorsement to LCFS in order to “fluff up” the fears of higher gas prices. LCFS has revealed a new report that states there is nothing to be concerned about. Oil companies are trying to blow the situation up because they are losing out on money, but it won’t affect consumers because transportation costs will equal out by the savings from not using as much oil.

Certain analysts have took a look at the report and have stated that the average consumer will not be affected in any way by not using fossil fuel.

If a Californian driver purchases a new car in 2015, they will end up saving about $3.50 a week, and this is compared to those who bought a new car in 2008 before any of the new policies took effect.

If these new policies will not affect consumers in how much they have to pay for gas, I think this is a perfect solution. Consumers will end up saving money and saving the environment at the same time. Seems like a win-win situation.

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