Idaho – Emissions Failures and Retests

Last updated on April 26th, 2018

If your vehicle has failed the Idaho emissions test there are certain steps you need to follow to correct the issue.   The failing emissions inspection test means that your vehicle’s engine has an issue resulting in your vehicle emitting more pollution than is allowed.   There are certain stations that are authorized to repair and then to retest your vehicle.  After they repair your vehicle they can retest your vehicle for the emissions inspection.  Here are the stations:

Oakley Moody
1375 Grove Street
343-4697Fairview Tune Tech
9225 Fairview Avenue
377-4220Rod’s Repair
106 West 43rd Street
376-4700Brown’s Auto Repair
2900 South Cole Road

Jeff’s Volkswagen
4422 Adams

John’s Auto Care Center
499 South Meridian

Meridian Auto Repair
505 North Main


You also have the option of making the repairs on your own or having your own mechanic work on your vehicle to make the repairs.  If you do this you will need to have your emissions retested at the original place you had your emissions tested when it failed.  If you have the retest completed within 30 days following your failure, the retest is done for free.

If emissions related repairs on your vehicle exceed $300 and your vehicle still fails the emissions test you can apply for a waiver.  The waiver would allow you to be exempt from having to pass the emissions test for this year.

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