Georgia – Emissions Failures and Retests

Last updated on April 26th, 2018

If your vehicle fails the Georgia emissions testing inspection you will be required to get your vehicle repaired and retested.  The state of Georgia takes into consideration how old your vehicle is as well as the emissions components that were available when your vehicle was manufactured when they set their emissions testing standards.

You will have a period of thirty days from the date you failed the inspection to get your vehicle repaired and retested if you want the retest to be free.  If you take longer than thirty days to get your vehicle retested you will be required to pay the emissions testing fee again.

You may be eligible for a vehicle repair waiver if you meet the following requirements:

• The vehicle does not pass the initial inspection. The initial inspection cannot be
more than one year old (12 months) or associated with a previous Repair Waiver or
registration renewal.
• Emission-related repairs must meet or exceed the Repair Waiver limit amount of
• The retested vehicle must show improvement in all the areas it failed on the first
test as well as pass the areas it passed on the first.
• Emission-related repairs can be performed up to 60 days prior to the initial
• Repair receipts from each emission-related repair attempt can be considered toward
a Repair Waiver as long as each receipt is dated 60 days before or after the
corresponding failed emission test.
• Repair receipts must be from a repair facility possessing a valid business license.
– All emission-related repairs, including a diagnostic analysis, parts, and labor
can be used toward the Repair Waiver limit amount.
– Labor costs from a company not possessing a business license will not count
toward the Repair Waiver limit amount.
– If required, the repair facility’s business license must be obtainable.
– If repairs are performed by the owner, only the cost of parts will be
considered toward the Repair Waiver limit amount.
• Repairs and parts must be itemized and identifiable for consideration.
• Receipts must identify the vehicle (VIN, year, make and model OR tag number,
make and model).

If you have questions concerning the waiver process you can reach customer service at 1-800.449.2471

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