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Last updated on April 26th, 2018

The Colorado emissions testing program is for vehicles to ensure that the air quality in Colorado stays at a high level.  Vehicles are tested to ensure that they are not emitting too many pollutants into the air and require repair.  There are many common questions that residents of Colorado have concerning the Colorado emissions program.  Below are the most frequently asked questions and their answers concerning the emissions program in Colorado.

What is the cost for an emissions test in Colorado and how frequently do I need to get my vehicle’s emissions tested?

If your vehicle is from 1981 or prior you will need to receive an emissions test every year.  The fee for this test is $15.  If your vehicle is from 1982 or newer you are required to have its emissions tested once every two years.  The cost for the emissions test is $25.

What type of payments are accepted?

Payment for a Colorado emissions test must be made in the form of check or cash.

Is there a grace period for having my emissions tested?

Yes, there is a thirty day grace period for having your emissions tested, but if you wait past the grace period you could receive a $50 ticket.  If for some reason you need a longer extension than the thirty day grace period you need to visit your local DMV office to request a longer extension period.

If I failed my test do I need to pay for the retest?

If your vehicle fails its first emissions test you can receive a free retest of your vehicle’s emissions within 10 calendar days from your failing test date.

If I am selling/buying a used car is an emissions test needed?

Yes, you are required to have the emissions tested on a used car for sale even if your prior emissions test period is still valid.  There is one exception to this rule.  If the car for sale had a four year exemption on it (because it was a brand new car) and that exception has at least 1 year or more left on it than an emissions test is not needed.  The responsibility of getting an emissions test done on the used car for sale belongs to the seller of the vehicle.  This is done to ensure that the buyer is not purchasing a vehicle which is in need of immediate repair.  The buyer will need the emissions testing paperwork from the seller in order to register the car.

 What if I am moving to Colorado, do I need to do anything for my vehicle emissions?

If you are moving to the Denver-Boulder and North Front Range emissions testing area you need to get your emissions test done within fifteen days of establishing your residency.

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