Colorado – Emissions Failures and Retests

Last updated on April 26th, 2018

In the event that your vehicle has failed the Colorado emissions inspection test you will need to get your vehicle repaired and retested.  After your vehicle fails you will receive the inspection report.  This report will list the items that did not pass the inspection and need to be fixed.

If you have spent a total of $715 or more on repairs and your vehicle is still not passing the emissions inspection test you may be able to get a waiver.  You will need to speak with the Colorado DMV emissions office at 33-205-5603 to receive information on how you can apply to receive a waiver.

If your vehicle failed the emissions test and you get repairs made and go to get your vehicles retested within ten calendar days after your initial test, the retest will be done for free.  If it takes you longer to than ten calendar days to get the retest done then you will need to pay for the retest.

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