Maryland Exemptions, Waivers, and Extensions for Emissions Testing

Last updated on April 23rd, 2021

In the state of Maryland, you can be granted an extension, waiver, or exemption from emissions testing if you meet certain criteria. Let’s take a look at each one and what is required for you to obtain each one.

Obtaining Extensions

If you are unable to have your vehicle tested by the specified due date, you could qualify for an extension. You can use the following ways to apply for an extension:

  • Through the MVA’s web site
  • At one of the MVA’s kiosks
  • In-person to any of the 18 VEIP stations located throughout Maryland
  • In-person to any of the MVA’s full service branch offices
  • By mail to the Glen Burnie branch office
  • By telephone to the VEIP office; or
  • By telephone to the MVA Customer Service Center

Now let’s take a look at exemptions and which vehicles qualify for an exemption.

  • 1976 or older
  • Vehicles weighing more than 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight
  • Vehicles powered solely by diesel or electric
  • Motorcycle
  • Vehicles registered as a farm truck, farm truck tractor or farm area vehicle
  • Historic or Antique vehicles
  • New vehicles for the first 24 months and qualified hybrids for the first 36 months after titling and registration
  • Fire apparatus owned or leased by the State of Maryland, a county, municipality, volunteer fire department or rescue squad
  • Ambulances currently exempted will remain exempt
  • Vehicles registered to senior citizens over 70 or vehicles registered with hard metal disable tags and who drive 5,000 miles per year or less (if co-owned, both owners must qualify for the waiver) can apply for a waiver for the balance of the two year cycle. Mileage must be recertified every two years to continue to receive the waiver
  • Vehicles registered as a Class N street rod vehicle
  • A military vehicle owned by the federal government and used for tactical, combat, or relief operations, or for training for these operations
  • Vehicles registered as a Class H school vehicle or Class P passenger bus

You could receive a waiver from emissions testing:

If you are a senior citizen that is at least age 70 or older and your vehicle is driven less than 5,000 miles each year, you qualify for a waiver from emissions testing.

If you are a disable citizen with handicap plates, not just the placard, and you drive your vehicle less than 5,000 miles every year, you qualify for a waiver from emissions testing.


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  1. I have a 2003 Toyota Sienna and it has been a great vehicle as far as low repairs, however one problem persists, the catalytic system. I have not passed the emissions test in 10 years. I have replaced all three catalytic converters and 2 oxygen sensors each time getting a 2 year waver only to discover another part has gone bad in the two year time upon retest. I have spent $3000.00 on trying to pass the emissions test and now it’s coding for one of the catalytic converters that I already replaced! I will have to get rid of the van JUST BECAUSE OF THIS. WHY IS THERE NO CAP ON THE TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT IN ORDER TO BE EXEMPT??

  2. Hi Beth,
    The only exemptions are in cases of car manufacture day, or some makes or models. Unfortunately, even though you have spent $3000 on your car the fact that it is still not functioning as it should due to the broken parts, makes it ineligible for the exemption.
    Good luck with your next test, or maybe with finding a car that does not give you such headaches.

  3. I’ve tried everything, and I can’t find the senior waiver/exemption form. Could VEIP provide related links where text info about a program is provided, please?

    • For questions regarding VEIP waivers, contact the Motor Vehicle Administration at (800) 950-1682 or (410) 768-7000 (if calling from out-of-state) or via e-mail [email protected]

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