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Mississippi Car Insurance

Last updated on April 26th, 2018

Mississippi Car Insurance – The state of Mississippi has had compulsory car insurance in some form or another since the 1950’s. Despite over 60 years of requiring residents to maintain car insurance on their vehicles, Mississippi has the second worst uninsured motorists rate in the country, behind only New Mexico. As of 2012, the uninsured motorist rate for the state of Mississippi was an astounding 28 percent, twice the national average, underscoring a problem the state has had with car insurance enforcement for the last decade. As recently as February 2012 state lawmakers have attempted to get uninsured motorists under control by proposing new laws that would aid in the enforcement of Mississippi car insurance regulations.  Introduced in 2012, House Bill 480 will require all vehicles to have proof of insurance before they can be registered with the DMV. If passed the bill will also create a database of all vehicles registered in Mississippi and their current insurance status which will e used by law enforcement officers to instantly check if a vehicle has insurance during any traffic stop or after an accident. The database system is in use by many states and has proven to be quite effective, especially in Georgia and Wyoming, and because it is linked directly to insurance companies the insurance status of a vehicle would be updated instantaneously. If it is signed into law House Bill 480 will also establish a series of fines intended to penalize drivers that are caught driving uninsured. The proposed fines would cost a driver $300 for a first offense, $400 for a second offense and $500 for a third offense.

Although Mississippi has a high rate of uninsured drivers, car insurance is still required by state law, even if the methods of enforcement have not yet been put entirely in place. According to Mississippi, car insurance law drivers must obtain minimum levels of liability insurance on a vehicle before they can take it on a public road. These minimums are currently set at $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident in bodily injury liability insurance as well as $25,000 in property damage coverage. If a Mississippi resident does not want to purchase an auto insurance policy that meets these minimum levels of coverage set by the state they always have the option to post a bond or make a deposit in cash or securities with the state. A bond or deposit made with the state in lieu of purchasing a car insurance policy must be in the same amount as the combined total of bodily injury and property damage insurance required by the state. In addition to required liability coverage, when purchasing a policy in Mississippi drivers also have the option to voluntarily purchase a variety of other types of insurance coverage for their vehicle. One of the most common types of coverage that Mississippi motorists add to their car insurance policies is collision coverage. Collision coverage will pay for any damages to the insured vehicle should it be involved in an accident in which the driver of the insured vehicle is at fault. If the driver of the insured vehicle is not at fault the at-fault driver’s property damage coverage will pay for any damage. Comprehensive coverage is also popular with many drivers because it covers all sorts of damage to a vehicle not caused by another car, such as hail or debris on the road. Drivers also have the option of purchasing personal injury protection which will cover any medical payments as well as lost wages that result from injuries sustained in a car accident that was not the policy holder’s fault. Because Mississippi requires liability coverage and other forms of coverage are available to driver there is not much need for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage in the state.

Until House Bill 480 passes the penalty for driving without insurance in Mississippi will remain the same as it was ten years ago. If a driver is pulled over for a traffic violation or involved in an accident they may be required to provide proof of insurance to law enforcement. If this proof cannot be provided the uninsured drive could face a fine as high as $1,000 and the registration of the vehicle could be suspended for up to 1 year. If the driver can provide proof of insurance or some other proof of financial responsibility at the time of their court hearing they could have their fine reduced and be permitted to reinstate their registration. Although these penalties are considered adequate the establishment of a complete database that can be consulted by law enforcement officers any time and anywhere should greatly increase the enforcement of current Mississippi car insurance laws. Such a database would allow an officer to know before he even pulls a vehicle over whether or not the vehicle meets the state’s financial responsibility requirements.

Find Smog Check Stations Near Me

Even though Mississippi drivers are not required to pass any smog check requirements, Mississippi-registered drivers can get a voluntary vehicle emissions test done. Check out our DMV & Emissions Testing Locations in Mississippi pages below to find a DMV office or testing location in your area.

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Mississippi Rewards for Green Businesses

Last updated on April 26th, 2018

In the state of Mississippi, residents are not required to pass an emissions test before registering their vehicles. The state doesn’t offer much for eco-friendly drivers, unless you are involved in an alternative fuel business. This can always change in the future though.

Rewards and Incentives for Green Businesses

  • Mississippi Alternative Fuel School Bus and Municipal Motor Vehicle Revolving (AFV) Loan Program: This incentive provides loans to help fund the purchase of new alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and/or the infrastructure necessary to run these vehicles. Learn more at the AFDC and the Mississippi Alternative Fuel School Bus and Municipal Motor Vehicle Revolving (AFV) Loan Program website.
  • Biofuels Production Incentive: Provided by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (Department), this incentive affords payments per gallon to qualifying Mississippi biodiesel and ethanol producers. NOTE: No payments will be made after June 30, 2015. For more information, refer to the AFDC and Mississippi Code 69-51-5.
  • Propane Education and Research Program: The Mississippi Insurance Department operates the State Liquefied Compressed Gas Board, which sometimes issues grants to help Mississippi companies to research and promote more cost-effective propane uses. For more information, visit the AFDC, the Insurance Department’s Liquefied Compressed Gas section, and Mississippi Code 75-57-119.


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Mississippi – General Emissions Information

Last updated on March 16th, 2021

Mississippi General Emissions Information

The state of Mississippi does not require an emissions test or a smog check in order to pass a safety inspection so that you can operate them on roadways in the state. However, many gasoline or auto repair stations are authorized to perform safety inspections on your vehicle.

These inspections will consist of making sure that certain items on vehicles work properly, such as windshield wipers, rear and front lights on the vehicle, turn signals, breaks, and shocks and struts. Regular tune-ups and repairs can help you pass the safety inspections.

Until most recently, the safety inspections were required by the state. However, for 2014 the year a bill has been put in place to eliminate inspections in the state. Typically, they cost five dollars each year and drivers are required to display a sticker on their windshield at all times.

However, you do not have to provide proof of this inspection when you register or renew your tag. If you are found is driving without a proper inspection, however, you will be subject to a fine that must be paid to the state.

Mississippi Emissions Testing

Currently, emissions testing is not mandatory in the state of Mississippi. However, when the general inspection is completed, the inspector will check for the overall health of your vehicle and make sure that your vehicle is safe to be operated. If you do not pass this test, you will be required to repair the issue and retake the test.

There is also a program that may be able to help you pay for issues that may exist with your vehicle. By passing this inspection test, your vehicle will be deemed safe to drive on the roads and you will be able to register your vehicle in the state.


Currently, the state of Mississippi does not offer a way for drivers of eco-friendly or fuel-efficient vehicles to receive a tax benefit. However, there are some incentives that are offered to businesses that are looking to go green.

For example, there is an incentive program that provides loans to help businesses purchase fuel-efficient vehicles or the infrastructure that is needed to run these vehicles. There is also and the incentive through the Mississippi Department of agriculture and commerce, that helps producers of bio-diesel and ethanol receive incentives.

There is also a propane education and research program that was put in place by the Mississippi insurance department that sometimes issues grants to Mississippi companies who are looking to research and promote cost-effective propane uses.

On top of these incentives, citizens can also obtain federal tax credits if they own and operate fuel-efficient vehicles. These tax credits are available to anyone who owns eligible energy vehicles, such as electric cars, hybrids, diesels, and alternative fuel vehicles. You can contact your local IRS taxpayer assistance Center to learn more about these incentives.


Although the state currently does not require smog testing, there are many reasons that you should be proactive in keeping your emissions to a minimum. It is important that we protect the environment so that we can all be healthier in the future and that our air quality continues to improve.

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