Mississippi – General Emissions Information

Last updated on March 16th, 2021

Mississippi General Emissions Information

The state of Mississippi does not require an emissions test or a smog check in order to pass a safety inspection so that you can operate them on roadways in the state. However, many gasoline or auto repair stations are authorized to perform safety inspections on your vehicle.

These inspections will consist of making sure that certain items on vehicles work properly, such as windshield wipers, rear and front lights on the vehicle, turn signals, breaks, and shocks and struts. Regular tune-ups and repairs can help you pass the safety inspections.

Until most recently, the safety inspections were required by the state. However, for 2014 the year a bill has been put in place to eliminate inspections in the state. Typically, they cost five dollars each year and drivers are required to display a sticker on their windshield at all times.

However, you do not have to provide proof of this inspection when you register or renew your tag. If you are found is driving without a proper inspection, however, you will be subject to a fine that must be paid to the state.

Mississippi Emissions Testing

Currently, emissions testing is not mandatory in the state of Mississippi. However, when the general inspection is completed, the inspector will check for the overall health of your vehicle and make sure that your vehicle is safe to be operated. If you do not pass this test, you will be required to repair the issue and retake the test.

There is also a program that may be able to help you pay for issues that may exist with your vehicle. By passing this inspection test, your vehicle will be deemed safe to drive on the roads and you will be able to register your vehicle in the state.


Currently, the state of Mississippi does not offer a way for drivers of eco-friendly or fuel-efficient vehicles to receive a tax benefit. However, there are some incentives that are offered to businesses that are looking to go green.

For example, there is an incentive program that provides loans to help businesses purchase fuel-efficient vehicles or the infrastructure that is needed to run these vehicles. There is also and the incentive through the Mississippi Department of agriculture and commerce, that helps producers of bio-diesel and ethanol receive incentives.

There is also a propane education and research program that was put in place by the Mississippi insurance department that sometimes issues grants to Mississippi companies who are looking to research and promote cost-effective propane uses.

On top of these incentives, citizens can also obtain federal tax credits if they own and operate fuel-efficient vehicles. These tax credits are available to anyone who owns eligible energy vehicles, such as electric cars, hybrids, diesels, and alternative fuel vehicles. You can contact your local IRS taxpayer assistance Center to learn more about these incentives.


Although the state currently does not require smog testing, there are many reasons that you should be proactive in keeping your emissions to a minimum. It is important that we protect the environment so that we can all be healthier in the future and that our air quality continues to improve.

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