Mississippi Rewards for Green Businesses

In the state of Mississippi, residents are not required to pass an emissions test before registering their vehicles. The state doesn’t offer much for eco-friendly drivers, unless you are involved in an alternative fuel business. This can always change in the future though.

Rewards and Incentives for Green Businesses

  • Mississippi Alternative Fuel School Bus and Municipal Motor Vehicle Revolving (AFV) Loan Program: This incentive provides loans to help fund the purchase of new alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and/or the infrastructure necessary to run these vehicles. Learn more at the AFDC and the Mississippi Alternative Fuel School Bus and Municipal Motor Vehicle Revolving (AFV) Loan Program website.
  • Biofuels Production Incentive: Provided by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (Department), this incentive affords payments per gallon to qualifying Mississippi biodiesel and ethanol producers. NOTE: No payments will be made after June 30, 2015. For more information, refer to the AFDC and Mississippi Code 69-51-5.
  • Propane Education and Research Program: The Mississippi Insurance Department operates the State Liquefied Compressed Gas Board, which sometimes issues grants to help Mississippi companies to research and promote more cost-effective propane uses. For more information, visit the AFDC, the Insurance Department’s Liquefied Compressed Gas section, and Mississippi Code 75-57-119.

Source: http://www.dmv.org/ms-mississippi/green-driver-state-incentives.php

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