Alternative methods of emission reductions

Last updated on September 21st, 2023

emission reductionsIncredible ideas seem to come to the fore when the future of the planet is at stake. The most recent developments in the Hydrail has shown that the planet has enough brain power to see this through, however, not enough time. The clock is ticking for governments to meet their 2020 targets. This is simply not just a strategy for emission reductions, it is the very essence of our survival.

In a time of need, new inventions seem to flourish. Ordinarily people would laugh off new inventions as improbable or unlikely to succeed. Sometimes inventions or alternative methods happen after the effect, which we’re hoping will not be the case. The history of the world refers that the best inventions are usually the ones that come along when we run out of options. By applying their minds, these inventors and scientists are pushing beyond boundaries to reclaim the beauty of the earth. It takes every person on the planet to make this work by being aware.

Harnessing the assistance of the ocean

Pretty much the forest of the sea, photosynthesizing plankton need our bad guys to make food. The CO2 in the air would be used by the plankton to make food. Iron stimulates the growth of plankton, therefore more iron in the ocean should then mean more plankton. More plankton would then obviously mean less CO2. This all seems like a great idea, however, the ocean’s ecosystem is very fragile and a lot more testing is needed to see just what the effect is on the ocean.

White goat

This is by far one of the most bizarre inventions ever, however, we have to take into consideration the speed with which the human race uses up toilet paper. Office paper that needs to be recycled is fed in on one side and in half an hour a toilet roll pops out.

Sulfur rockets

Scientists believe that by having more sulfur in the atmosphere, it will reduce the temperate of the atmosphere and thus reduce global warming. Acid rain is the unfortunate by-product of this idea and causes other problems for our environment. Sulfur would also continuously have to be injected into the atmosphere for this to be effective.

Hydroponic and Vertical Farming

The combination of hydroponic and vertical farming has a huge effect on the environment. With vertical farming, less land is needed to cultivate the produce. It also involves less water which is great for the environment. The vertical farms would be on a rotational basis, allowing each row of plants enough light for sufficient growth.

Using the garbage to rebuild

Chicken feathers, carton boxes, tin cans and plastics have all been ear-marked for re-use. Chicken feathers are proposed as the new component for shopping bags, which would give a higher probability of being biodegradable. Inventors have also discovered ways of making sturdy yet appealing furniture out of trash. Of late, trash is compacted into building blocks which are used for building houses.

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