The Must Use Going Green Calculators

Last updated on March 21st, 2018

These days there are calculators for just about everything, just to name a few: home loan repayments, car loan amortization, and Body Mass Index calculator.  The latest addition to this ever-growing list is the CO2 Emission Calculator.


For one thing, these tools make users aware of their carbon footprint and so people can save money.  There is a Carbon Tax Law in the U.S., and in the United Kingdom, there’s Emission Tax.  Everywhere else in the world, this is the new levy to contend with and for a very good reason.  The world is literally suffocating with harmful carbon.

One of the world’s leading website and news source,, adds more and more tools each year to help motorists and companies leasing vehicles make the right decision.  Would you believe it, it has sixteen tools on its website, all very useful, such as running and fuel cost calculators. This website is handy in comparing cars with each other.  With one click of a mouse, the information is laid out for all to see, especially the consumer is concerned about the carbon footprint of the vehicle.

There are other websites like that go beyond calculating the car’s carbon emission.On this site, one can find calculators for home electricity usage, motorbikes, bus and rails, flights and even secondary causes of emission.

The Environmental Protection Agency of America’s own website has a Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.  Its purposes, aside from communicating greenhouse gas reduction strategy, are to identify reduction targets and to inform of other initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

These tools are not just for the environmental diehards.  It’s for regular folks who aim to save dollars at the same time as the planet. People can no longer afford to ignore useful tools like this.  Consumers can’t afford to be complacent with things like buying a new car or booking for overseas flights.

Using these tools before buying a car will shave tears and years of regret later, so why not use it when they are so handy.  Knowing which car to buy for the fuel efficiency sake would be a reason enough to check out these calculators.  Not to mention, saving your sanity.

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