Two New Vehicle Competitors Launch in 2017

Last updated on March 21st, 2018

With the market rapidly evolving, there is stiff competition for automobile manufacturers, giving you two new reasons to consider an electric car in 2017.  All of the usual suspects are working on better performance in environmentally friendly models.  There are exciting developments being announced all the time.  Up to date, Tesla still has the line up to beat, having been fast off the block.  Two of the upcoming 2017 releases are definitely ones to watch.

GM has launched a new all-electric concept car, with really good looks, currently being called the Chevy Bolt.  It certainly has peers buzzing, with Tesla and BMW a little nervous about its impact and Ford chomping at the bit to compete with it.  There are bound to be some things that change about this concept before production, but the forward thinking in this vehicle is remarkable.  GM has coined a specially named “Gamma Architecture” that will be featured in Bolt’s undercarriage construction.  The bolt will also have a flat battery pack housed under its floor, unique to this Chevy model.  Its battery specs haven’t been released yet, but its anticipated range is 200 miles.  The term “there’s an app for that” can certainly be applied to the Bolt.  There’s an app to start the car!  There’s also a very market conscious app for ride-sharing management.  The price for Bolt is said to be set around $30,000.00 after federal tax rebates.  Production on the Chevy Bolt will start in October 2016, in Michigan in GM’s Orion Township plant.  This makes the highly anticipated 2017 model a total game changer for GM.

Audi has now been authorized to begin production on its highly publicized and highly controversial all-electric SUV, the Q8 E-Tron.  The German manufacturer has been anxious to add an all-electric SUV to its fleet, but many believed it wouldn’t be done.  Audi has marketed this car as a direct competitor to Tesla’s “X”.  What makes Q8 E-Tron gain the edge is the highly speculated range of this vehicle.  The first early reports estimated a range of over four hundred miles.  More current estimates put its range at just over 370 miles.  This beats the “X” out by 60+ miles.  The battery pack on the Q8 E-tron is said to be as large as 90kWh.  With very attractive styling, this SUV still has a family-friendly side in that its models will provide seating for 5 – 7.  The price tag on this vehicle is expected to reach $130,000.00, making it considerably more expensive than the “X”.  VW owned Audi has enjoyed a loyal customer and fan base to date and doesn’t seem to be too concerned about its price critics.  With production starting any time now, the expected 2017 models may even become 2016 models, according to some reports.  As with other concept cars, the Q8 E-tron statistics may continue to evolve, but for Audi, the specs are looking good.  This is certainly one manufacturer that is finally heading to greener pastures, so to speak.  With fierce competitors continually stepping up their game and reaching for bigger batteries and farther range, it’s not a bit too soon!

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