Washington DC – Emissions Testing Failures & Retests

In Washington DC if your vehicle fails its emissions test you will be provided a set of instructions at that time with information on what areas of your vehicle failed the test. Your vehicle will received a ‘failed inspection’ sticker.  If you have any questions about the items that failed the test you should ask a resolution coordinator at the inspection station your questions so you are clear when you leave what you need to get fixed.

You will have twenty days to get the areas that failed inspection to be fixed and to have your vehicle be retested.  During the twenty day period you allowed two reinspections for free.  If you need a third reinspection you will be charged a fee, and if you wait to get your vehicle reinspected past the twenty day period you will need to pay a reinspection fee.

Once your vehicle passes the reinspection you will be given a sticker that is good from the date of your reinspection.  Your vehicle must pass emissions testing inspection before you are allowed to register or renew your registration.

When you bring your vehicle to get your emissions testing reinspection done you should try to bring your renewal notice as it will help you move along faster through the process.

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