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Washington DC requires residents to receive an emissions test on their vehicle prior to registration.  This excludes brand new vehicles which have a Manufacturers Certificate of Origin.  If you new vehicle has this AND is not used for commercial purposes your vehicle does not need to receive an initial vehicle emissions test prior to registration.  Your vehicle though will still be required to have the inspection sticker on it that is given by the DMV when you register your car.  If your vehicle was manufactured prior to 1968 and has zero emissions it is not required to go through emissions testing.

Some items to note:

If your vehicle is producing excessive amounts of smoke it will not be tested.  You should have that issue fixed prior to bringing your vehicle in for emissions testing.

It is recommended that you do not bring pets to an inspection station.

If you get your windshield replaced you will need to get a replacement sticker.  You can get a replacement sticker from the inspectation station.  There is a $10 fee charged for a replacement sticker.

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