Idaho Emissions

As of June 1, 2010, a new vehicle emissions testing program was put in place for Canyon Country and the city of Kuna within Ada County. This program was put in place in order to help reduce ozone air pollution that was being emitted into the atmosphere by vehicles.

Currently, there are twenty locations located throughout Caldwell and Nampa that offer inspections for owners of vehicles that are looking to past the emissions test. Many offer their services during the week from 8 to 5, but you will need to call them in order to be certain of their hours and to learn more information, such as what you need to bring with you in order to have the inspection completed.


Renewal reminders will be sent to motorists in a couple of different ways. Your first notice will provide you with the information regarding the specific vehicle that needs to be tested and will list the available test sites in Canyon County. It will also provide you with the month that you should have the testing completed in. You are given until the end of the specified month to complete the test.

The second notice will be sent at the end of the 30 day period so that a motorist will be reminded that they have not had their vehicle tested in a timely fashion. They will have the next 35 days to have the vehicle tested or their vehicle will then be revoked by the ITD.

Revoked Registrations

If you have your registration revoked, you will need to have the emissions test completed or receive a waiver in order to have it renewed again. There is no fee to have the registration reissued, unless the registration is expired. In this case, you will need to pass the emissions test and purchase a new registration or renew one with the Idaho Department of Transportation.

If you receive a final notice, this does not mean that your registration has been revoked. It simply means that you have 35 days from the day of the notice to have the emissions testing completed. After this point, your registration will be revoked and you will need to have it reinstated.

Failing the Emissions Test

It can be complicated to diagnose a vehicle for emission inspection failure and you are free to choose a technician or repair the vehicle yourself. However, it is complex and it is strongly advised that you select a qualified technician who has experience with emissions systems and will be able to diagnose and repair the vehicle correctly.

If your vehicle fails the test, you will have the opportunity to have the vehicle retested for free within 30 days of the initial testing. If your vehicle still fails at the retest, any additional retests will cost $10.00. You will need to have the vehicle repaired in order to pass the vehicle inspection when it fails an emissions test.


There are certain vehicles that are exempt from the emissions test and you can check with the Idaho Department of Transportation to see if your vehicle falls into the categories that have been designated as exempt.