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The state of Connecticut requires statewide emissions testing on vehicles.  There is a $20 fee that must be paid at the time of the emissions test to the emissions test center that is performing the testing.  The fee can be paid in any method that the testing center accepts for any service.  Most testing centers are on a first come first serve basis and do not accept reservations.  It is recommended you call ahead to see if there is a wait if you do not have spare time to wait in line.  The emissions testing takes on average 15-30 minutes.

The state of Connecticut has an emissions late fee that is assessed if you are more than 30 calendar days late from the date your vehicle was supposed to have emissions testing done by.  The late fee is not paid to the testing center.  The late fee will be assessed from the DMV and you will be sent correspondence concerning the late fee or the late fee may be added to the registration renewal of your vehicle.

If you are charged a late fee the address to submit the late fee to is:

Department of Motor Vehicles

PO BOX 150444

Hartford, CT 06115-0444

If you are assessed a late fee you have the right to dispute the late fee if there were circumstances beyond your control that resulted in the delay of the emissions testing.  You need to submit documentation that proves that your vehicle could not be tested for the entire testing period.  The different types of documentation that would be allow relates to: Medical, Mechanical Condition, Storage, Stolen, Military, VIN Error, or Change of Ownership.

It is recommended that you speak to someone at DMV if you are going to dispute your late fee to see if your documentation would be sufficient for their review.

Documentation should be submitted to:

Emissions Division

1625 Highland Ave

Chesire, CT 06410

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