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Last updated on November 13th, 2017

There are many questions people have concerning Connecticut’s vehicle emissions program.  This section will take the most commonly asked questions on Connecticut emissions and answer those questions for you.

If you are not in the state during the time you are supposed to get your emissions tested, what happens?

You are allowed to request an extension in order to get your emissions test.  There is a federal law that enables vehicle owners to get extensions due to a variety of circumstances.

Where do I get a copy of the test results for my vehicle’s emission testing?

The service center that performed the test on your vehicle is required to give you a copy of the test results for free upon your request.

How do police know if my vehicle is up to date with emissions testing?

The DMV database that the police use is frequently updated and will contain the most recent information on your vehicle’s emissions test.

What if I am moving to Connecticut from a different state, what do I need to do?

Your first step would be to get your vehicle emissions test done even before your vehicle is registered in the state of Connecticut.

What if I am buying a used car, how does that work in regards to emissions?

There is no law that a car must be in compliance of emissions when it is sold.  It is recommended that you find out when that car last had its emissions tested.  If the car has not been tested and is due for testing you will have thirty days from the date you purchase and register the car in your name to get it tested.  The reason why you want to ensure the car is in compliance (and if it is not you may want to have the seller get the emissions test prior to the sale) is because when the emissions test is done if there is any work that is required to be done on the car you will be required to pay for that work if you already purchased the car.

How can I check if a car has been tested and is not due for a test yet?

There is a toll free number you can call, 888-828-8399, which you can find this information on.

What if I buy a car in another state and want to bring it to Connecticut?

You must get your vehicle’s emission testing done prior to being able to register that car within Connecticut.

What if I think the emissions test results are incorrect and I want to dispute them?

You are allowed to challenge the emissions testing results if you want within a fifteen day period following your test.  You will need to call the DMV’s Emissions Testing Department to dispute the test results.


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