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Last updated on November 16th, 2017

There is a chance that your vehicle may not pass its Connecticut Vehicle Emissions test.  If your vehicle did not pass the test it is because your vehicle is not running correctly and it is creating pollution in the air.  It is a fact that over 40% of air pollution in Connecticut is the result of cars, trucks, and other vehicles.  The goal of the emissions testing is to limit as much pollution as possible by catching those vehicles that emit more pollution than they should be and having them fix the issue.

If your vehicle did not pass it emissions test you will have sixty days from the date of the test that your vehicle failed in order to have the problems that were found fixed and get a second emissions test.  The second test, the retest, is free.  You can get the retest done at any location, it does not need to be at the same service center.  If you wait longer than the sixty days in order to get your retest, the retest will not be free and you will need to pay the $20 test fee for the second test.

If you cannot afford the repairs needed for your vehicle you can apply for an economic hardship waiver.  To do this you must follow these steps:

– You must complete documentation and provide it to the DMV that shows your annual income is at or below the state and federal poverty level guidelines.

– You must state that you have no other assets that you could use to pay for the vehicle repairs.

– And if you then receive the economic hardship waiver your vehicle MUST pass its next emissions test in order to become eligible for this waiver in the future.

If you bring your vehicle to a repair shop and that shop runs a diagnostic test on your vehicle and determines that there is nothing that needs to be repaired you can apply for a diagnostic waiver.   To do this your vehicle will need to be brought to DMV to have a full diagnostic test performed.  If the DMV runs the test and agrees that no work is needed you will be given the waiver.  To apply for this waiver you should get in contact with your Department of Motor Vehicles.


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