Reasons Why Connecticut Vehicles Could Be Turned Away From Emissions Testing

Last updated on March 11th, 2021

Connecticut residents are required to have their vehicles tested for emissions to protect the environment around them and others. Did you know that your vehicle could be turned away for testing? It can, and here is a list of potential reasons why your vehicle could be turned away:

  • Visibly leaking, missing parts in your vehicles exhaust system
  • Any type of fluid leaks, except for condensation from A/C units
  • Any tires or wheels deemed unsafe to operate on the dynamometer
  • If animals are in the vehicle
  • Any vehicles with low road clearance
  • Missing or unverifiable VIN number
  • Mechanical problems with the vehicle
  • Any vehicles that have been tampered with or altered from their OEM designs
  • Odometer is not operable

If any of these apply to your vehicle, please take note your vehicle will be turned away. If it’s turned away at the testing center, they will provide you with a Turn Away document at no charge. This will not extend your testing window of time or provide you with an extension.

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