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Illinois – Emissions Testing Locations

There are many Illinois Emissions Testing locations where you can get your Illinois emissions test performed.  Below is a list of many stations that do emissions testing throughout Illinois.  It is always recommended that you call ahead to check on wait times, schedule an appointment if necessary, and ensure that the station is still performing emissions testing.

Here are state run testing only locations:

OBD Only Testing Facility
425 S Lombard Rd
Addison, IL 60101
(800) 378-1108

OBD Only Testing Facility
1850 W Webster Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(800) 380-6610

OBD Only Testing Facility
2450 Landmeier Rd
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(800) 378-4477

OBD Only Testing Facility
3555 Jarvis Ave
Skokie, IL 60076
(800) 383-3995

OBD Only Testing Facility
7460 Duvan Dr
Tinley Park, IL 60477
(800) 383-6503


Here are full service testing facilities:

Full Service Testing Facility
5231 W. 70th Pl
Bedford Park, Illinois 60638
(800) 379-4489

Full Service Testing Facility
6959 W Forest Preserve Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60634
(800) 383-7085

Full Service Testing Facility
195 Liberty Rd
Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014
(800) 381-1765

Full Service Testing Facility
3501 Mall Loop Dr
Joliet, Illinois 60431
(800) 378-4855

Full Service Testing Facility
580 Bond St
Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069
(800) 382-7933

Full Service Testing Facility
3824 W 159th Pl
Markham, Illinois 60428
(800) 379-2160

Full Service Testing Facility
435 Weston Ridge Dr
Naperville, Illinois 60563
(800) 382-9092

Full Service Testing Facility
1000 E Chain of Rocks Rd
Pontoon Beach, Illinois 62040
(800) 383-7172

Full Service Testing Facility
1675 Mitchell Blvd
Schaumburg, Illinois 60193
(800) 382-4354

Full Service Testing Facility
4200 Trade Ct
Swansea, Illinois 62226
(800) 383-8977

Full Service Testing Facility
2161 Northwestern Ave
Waukegan, Illinois 60087
(800) 380-8337

Full Service Testing Facility
230 N Old Saint Louis Rd
Wood River, Illinois 62095
(800) 383-9592

Here are local businesses which also can perform emissions testing for you on your vehicle.

Station Address
Station Type
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
LANSING , IL 60438
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
35 East 162nd Street
MARKHAM Full Service
3824 W. 159th Place
Markham , IL 60426
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
2260 W. 127th Street
Blue Island , IL 60406
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
4458 West 147th Street
7460 Duvan Dr.
Tinley Park , IL 60477
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
7424 S. Stony Island
Chicago , IL 60649
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
13400 S Ridgeland
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
9740 Southwest Hwy.
OAK LAWN , IL 60453
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
7743 S. Cicero
Chicago , IL 60652
5231 W. 70th Place
Bedford Park , IL 60638
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
6420 Ogden Ave
BERWYN , IL 60402
MIDAS Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
5815 S. LaGrange Road
Countryside , IL 60525
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
12775 Main Street
LEMONT , IL 60439
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
20712 Gaskin Drive
1850 Webster Ave.
Chicago , IL 60614
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
700 Madison Street
Oak Park , IL 60302
MIDAS Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
11105 W. Roosevelt Road
Westchester , IL 60154
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
10139 Roosevelt Road
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
CHICAGO , IL 60639
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
6135 South Cass Avenue
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
CHICAGO , IL 60618
6959 W. Forest Preserve
Chicago , IL 60634
JOLIET Full Service
3501 Mall Loop Drive
Joliet , IL 60435
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
815 Ogden Avenue
Firestone Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
5604 Route 53
Lisle , IL 60532
435 Weston Ridge Rd.
Naperville , IL 60540
3555 W. Jarvis Ave.
Skokie , IL 60076
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
716 West Lake Street
ADDISON , IL 60101
425 S. Lombard Rd.
Addison , IL 60101
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
1032 East Ogden Avenue
2450 Landmeier Rd.
Elk Grove Village , IL 60007
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
9401 Golf Road
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
2094 South Elmhurst Road
MIDAS Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
130 W Roosevelt Road
West Chicago , IL 60185
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
3402 Milwaukee Avenue
1675 Mitchell Blvd.
Schaumburg , IL 60193
MIDAS Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
1804 W. Army Trail Road
Hanover Park , IL 60133
MIDAS Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
1505 W Irving Park Road
Hanover Park , IL 60133
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
202 Genesis Drive
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
1301 North Lake Street
AURORA , IL 60506
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
811A West Higgins Road
580 Bond Street
Lincolnshire , IL 60069
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
8000 Binnie Road
Carpentersville , IL 60110
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
80 Kennedy Drive
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
313 Townline Rd.
WAUKEGAN Full Service
2161 Northwestern Ave.
Waukegan , IL 60087
195 Liberty Rd.
Crystal Lake , IL 60014
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
875 E Grand Ave
CAR-X Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
4705 W Elm
McHenry , IL 60050
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
2701 Washington Avenue
ALTON , IL 62002
WOOD RIVER Full Service
230 N. Old St. Louis Road
Wood River , IL 62095
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
411 Belt Line Road
1000 E. Chain of Rocks Rd.
Pontoon Beach , IL 62040
MEINEKE Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
702 Martin Luther King Dr
SWANSEA Full Service
4200 Trade Ct.
Swansea , IL 62226
Dobbs Tire & Auto Center Appt Only (call: 877-927-7587)
1300 Camp Jackson Rd
Cahokia , IL 62206
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Illinois – General Emissions Information

Illinois General Emissions Information – There are many questions concerning the state of Illinois emissions testing program.  Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers concerning the Illinois emissions inspection program.

Which vehicles need to get tested for emissions?

Usually most vehicles manufactured in 1996 up through four years ago need to have an emissions inspection.  There are vehicles that are exempt from emissions testing.  These are vehicles that fall under one of the below categories:

The vehicle powered by diesel fuel or 100% powered by electricity.

Vehicles manufactured in 1967 or prior.

Vehicles operated solely for items such as parades, ceremonies, civic organizations, etc…

If your vehicle was manufactured in 1995 or prior that was compliant with the February 1, 2007 Illinois Vehicles Emissions Inspection Law.

If your vehicle is registered in another state and is compliant with the emissions program law in that state.

What kind of test is done during an emissions test?

The emissions test consists of an On-Board Diagnostic test.  This test checks a computer data log that is stored in your car which identifies if there are any issues with your engine causing a greater amount of emissions to be produced than is legal.

How often does my vehicle need to be tested?

Emissions testing is required every two years on your vehicle.

Is emissions testing required on heavy duty vehicles?

If your vehicle weighs between 8,501 and 14,000 pounds and was manufactured in 2007 or later than an emissions test is required in Illinois.

What is an exhaust and gas cap test?

This is a test performed on vehicles that were manufactured prior to 1996.  Vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later are given the ODB test.  The reason for this is that it was a requirement that began in 1996 that vehicles must be equipped with a standardized ODB system for emissions testing purposes.

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Maryland – General Emissions Information

Maryland – General Emissions Information – There are many commonly asked questions concerning the Maryland emissions program.  In this section we will look at the most frequently asked questions concerning Maryland’s emissions inspection program and provide the answers to them.

How will I know if my vehicle needs to get its Maryland emissions inspection done?

Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration will send a letter to you approximately 8 weeks before your vehicle’s deadline to have emissions testing is.  You can have your vehicle’s emissions tested anytime after receiving the letter up to the full 8 weeks until the deadline.

What if I forget the letter sent to me from the MVA?

If you forget to bring your letter that you received telling you that your emissions needs to be tested you will need to provide your registration in its place when go to get the emissions inspection done.

Is there a fee to have my emissions tested in Maryland?

Yes, there is a $14 fee to have a Maryland emissions inspection performed.  There are multiple forms of payment accepted: credit card, money order, cash, or personal check (you will need two valid forms of ID if you wish to pay by personal check).

When will I find out if my vehicle passed or failed the emissions inspection?

After the emissions inspection is performed you will be given an emissions paper that tells you whether your vehicle passed or failed the Maryland emissions inspection.  In the event that your vehicle failed the emissions test the paper will inform you of when your emissions retest will be.

Do I need to pay for a retest if my vehicle failed the initial emissions inspection?

No, you do not need to pay for the retest.  The retest is done for free.

If I cannot get my vehicle tested by the due date am I able to get an extension?

You can request an extension by calling 1-800-638-8347 and explaining your situation.


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Tax Incentives for Kansas Eco-Friendly Drivers

Eco Friendly Drivers get Tax Incentives – There are no laws currently in Kansas for emissions testing. However, this does not mean that there are no perks to driving eco-friendly. Let’s take a look at what Tax Incentives aim Eco Friendly Drivers in Kansas.

Kansas taxpayers that drive eco-friendly vehicles qualify for tax breaks and incentives. There are certain criteria that must be met:

Vehicle has went into service on or after January 1, 1996 and before January 1, 2005—the tax credit equals 50% of the incremental or conversion cost, up to a max of:


$3,000 for an AFV with a GVWR < 10,000 pounds.

$5,000 for a heavy duty motor vehicle with a GVWR > 10,000 pounds but < 26,000 pounds.

$50,000 for motor vehicles with a GVWR > 26,000 pounds.


On or after January 1, 2005:—the tax credit equals 40% incremental or conversion cost, up to a max of:


$2,400 for an AFV with a GVWR < 10,000 pounds.

$4,000 for a heavy duty motor vehicle with a GVWR > 10,000 pounds but < 26,000 pounds.

$40,000 for motor vehicles with a GVWR > 26,000 pounds.


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Connecticut – General Emissions Information

There are many questions people have concerning Connecticut’s vehicle emissions program.  This section will take the most commonly asked questions on Connecticut emissions and answer those questions for you.

If you are not in the state during the time you are supposed to get your emissions tested, what happens?

You are allowed to request an extension in order to get your emissions test.  There is a federal law that enables vehicle owners to get extensions due to a variety of circumstances.

Where do I get a copy of the test results for my vehicle’s emission testing?

The service center that performed the test on your vehicle is required to give you a copy of the test results for free upon your request.

How do police know if my vehicle is up to date with emissions testing?

The DMV database that the police use is frequently updated and will contain the most recent information on your vehicle’s emissions test.

What if I am moving to Connecticut from a different state, what do I need to do?

Your first step would be to get your vehicle emissions test done even before your vehicle is registered in the state of Connecticut.

What if I am buying a used car, how does that work in regards to emissions?

There is no law that a car must be in compliance of emissions when it is sold.  It is recommended that you find out when that car last had its emissions tested.  If the car has not been tested and is due for testing you will have thirty days from the date you purchase and register the car in your name to get it tested.  The reason why you want to ensure the car is in compliance (and if it is not you may want to have the seller get the emissions test prior to the sale) is because when the emissions test is done if there is any work that is required to be done on the car you will be required to pay for that work if you already purchased the car.

How can I check if a car has been tested and is not due for a test yet?

There is a toll free number you can call, 888-828-8399, which you can find this information on.

What if I buy a car in another state and want to bring it to Connecticut?

You must get your vehicle’s emission testing done prior to being able to register that car within Connecticut.

What if I think the emissions test results are incorrect and I want to dispute them?

You are allowed to challenge the emissions testing results if you want within a fifteen day period following your test.  You will need to call the DMV’s Emissions Testing Department to dispute the test results.


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Washington DC – General Emissions Information

There are many commonly asked questions concerning Washington DC emissions laws and testing policies.   Here we will cover these frequently asked questions and their answers in order to help you find the information you are looking for concerning Washington DC emissions.

How do I go about having my vehicle inspected for the first time?

In Washington DC it is required for residents to have their vehicles tested for emissions prior to being able to have their vehicle registered.  Brand new vehicles that have a MCO and are non-commercial use are waived from needing an emissions test initially.

How much does it cost to get the vehicle emissions testing inspection done?

The emissions testing inspection fee is $35 and the test results are valid for two years.

Is there a late fee assessed if I get testing done after my due date?

Yes, there is a $20 fee assessed for every 30 days you are late.  This fee will be capped at $480.

Am I able to make an appointment ahead of time to get my vehicle’s emissions tested?

You are able to use an online scheduling service which is available 24 hours per day.  You can access that scheduling service here if you want to set up your appointment for your emissions test.

When and how do I pay for the emissions testing fee?

The fees for your vehicle’s emissions testing are due at the time of registration and registration renewal of your vehicle.  It is possible that depending on your registration date you have already paid the fee for the inspection or you may need to pay it when your next renewal arrives.  The inspection fee you pay includes 2 re-inspections for free if your vehicle requires them.  They must occur within the 20 day period after you initially fail the test.

How long is the wait to get my vehicle emissions tested?

The wait time varies on a day to day basis.  Vehicles are tested on a first come first serve basis.  If you scheduled your appointment online you will get to move past the inspection station gates and go directly into the que for the inspection station lane.




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Texas Car Insurance

When it comes to car accidents involving two or more drivers Texas Car Insurance law requires the driver that caused the accident to pay for any injuries or property damage sustained by other parties. Since the costs of even a minor accident can place unbearable financial burden on many motorists the state of Texas operates under a financial responsibility law that requires drivers to prove that they have the ability to pay for any damage or injuries they cause before they are able to legally drive on a public road.  The easiest way for Texas residents to prove financial responsibility is to purchase an auto insurance policy that includes the minimum amount of coverage as required by state law. In the state of Texas the only type of insurance that is legally required to be maintained on a vehicle is liability insurance. The state mandates that every auto insurance policy purchased in the state should include at least $30,000 in bodily injury or death benefits for an individual person and $60,000 in bodily injury or death benefits per accident. These benefits are only to secondary parties involved in an accident with the policy holder and cannot be paid out to the policy holder or passengers in the policy holder’s vehicle. In addition to bodily injury and death coverage Texas State law also requires auto insurance policies to include a minimum of $25,000 in property damage liability coverage which can be used to pay for the property damage caused by the policy holder. Because the costs of medical care and property damage can be so high, even in a relatively minor accident, Texas recommends that vehicle owners purchase liability coverage in amount that’s exceed state minimum requirements. Purchasing extra coverage will also help reduce the chance that the policy holder is sued by another party because their liability coverage did not cover the full cost of the accidents. According to Texas law at-fault drivers are responsible for the entire cost of an accident and even if they have insurance they could still be personally liable for a portion of the cost if their insurance does not cover everything or if the other driver attempts to sue for punitive damages. Although liability coverage is generally described as bodily injury or property damage coverage it can actually cover a much wider range claims. Liability coverage for instance can be used to pay for punitive damages if they are awarded to the court and it can also help pay for  policy holder’s attorney fees if they are sued because of an accident and will even pay $250 toward bail if the policy holder or driver of the insured vehicle is arrested.

Liability coverage on a vehicle also covers more people than just the policy holder or the person that happens to be driving the vehicle. The liability coverage included with most policies covers the policy holder’s immediate family and any other people living in the policy holder’s home. If a Texas vehicle owner wishes to have auto insurance coverage that will pay their injuries or property damage most Texas car insurance companies will allow them to purchase comprehensive and collision coverage. Comprehensive and collision coverage typically covers pretty much any physical damage done to the insured vehicle no matter how it was caused and who was at-fault for the damage. Some residents may also wish to purchase uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage which will be activated if the insured vehicle is involved in an accident and the at-fault driver does not have enough coverage to pay for the injuries to all parties involved in the accident.

In order to enforce state car insurance requirements Texas residents are required y law to present proof of insurance in a variety of situations Like many other states Texas requires a vehicle owner to provide proof of insurance when they register a vehicle with the DMV or when they receive or attempt to renew their drivers license. Drivers are also required to provide proof of insurance when they are pulled over or involved in an accident. Failure to provide proof of insurance to a law enforcement officer upon request will often result in a traffic citation and other potential penalties if they are convicted of driving without insurance. For a first offense an uninsured driver will be fined anywhere from $175 to $350 and for a second or subsequent offense a Texas resident could face a fine as large as $1,000 and will also have their license suspended and their vehicle impounded. If an uninsured driver is involved in an at-fault accident that results in serious injury or death to the other driver they will receive a minimum $4,000 fine and could potentially be sentenced to up to 1 year in jail. Driving uninsured in Texas will also result in a black mark on the driver’s record that could result in increased insurance premiums.

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Washington DC – Emissions Testing Locations

In Washington DC you can get your car emissions test at the main inspection location for the area. The main DC vehicle inspection station is located at 1001 Half Street, SW and car emissions test can be done from Tuesday to Saturday. You should first check the hours and schedule before going to the location since the station operates at different hours for the summer and winter seasons.

DC Inspection Station Fees

For the District of Columbia, taking the emissions test is an obligatory requirement for all vehicles. If you have just moved to DC, if you have purchased a new vehicle that has an expired inspection sticker, or if your current car’s sticker is about to expire, it is compulsory to take the emissions test. Depending on the type of vehicle and its intended use, the fees at the DC DMV inspection station can vary. These fees are calculated with the registration fees and also cover two free re-inspections should your car fail the testing. If the vehicle fails the emissions test, the new inspection must be done within 20 days. If the retesting is done after 20 days, the fee for the test will be $35. For private, commercial and for-hire vehicles, the inspection fee is also $35 dollars.

For both new vehicle sticker and replacement inspection sticker, the fee is $10. There are also fees for failing to complete the emissions test on time. For every 30 days, the fee is $20 and is accumulated up to $480 maximum. The DC DMV inspection station does not accept cash as a payment option. The fees and services can be paid for by check, credit or debit cards and money order. The fees are paid at the time of vehicle registration, not at the station.

Washington DC Emissions Inspection Station Map Location

Inspection Location Accessibility And Scheduling

This DC inspection station is wheelchair accessible and it offers free limited on-site parking. The inspections are usually carried out on a first come – first serve basis, but there are certain exceptions to the rule. The location offers the possibility of scheduling the appointment online. Online scheduling is available for all commercial and non-commercial vehicles, as well as for taxis and limos. If you make a scheduled appointment online, you will be queued into the inspection lane right away. Another important exception to the rule are senior citizens. Senior citizens are to proceed to the front of the line and they need to make sure that the station employee knows that they are a senior citizen.

Inspection Location Wait Times And Peak Hours

The wait times for DC vehicle inspection can vary depending on the day of the week and the time of the day. The usual recommendation is to avoid taking your car for the testing on Tuesdays and the first day after the holiday. When it comes to the busiest hours, the first hour of opening and lunch times (10 am-1 pm) are usually the busiest. The best times to come for a test are on Thursday or Friday from 8:30 am to 10 am and from 1:30 pm to 3 pm. Although the online appointment is not compulsory, it is recommended to make one in order to avoid longer wait. For more details please check the Washington DC emissions testing hours and schedule.

Washington DC DMV Inspection Station

DC DMV Inspection Station Specifics

The main testing station is located at the 1001 half street, SW and there are some specific rules and instructions for the location:

  • Certain online services are only available after you visit the DMV inspection station. It is important to note that the registration renewal can now only be done online.
  • The safety inspection for private passenger vehicles is not required by the DMV. Taxis, limos and other commercial vehicles are required to take both emissions and safety inspections.
  • Inspection fees and fines are to be paid when the vehicle registration is due, not at the testing station.
  • As an industry standard, the mileage of the vehicle will be recorded and rounded down to the nearest thousand.
  • If the inspection sticker displays “Void“, you need to proceed to get the sticker replacement at the station. The sticker replacement fee applies.
  • Vehicles with malfunctions that produce excessive amounts of smoke cannot be inspected.
  • No pets are allowed on the premises.

General Info

Each state has an area specific requirements and testing guidelines. For the full DC vehicle inspection info about the requirements, failures, and retests, please visit Washington DC – General Emissions Information and Washington DC – Emissions Testing Failures & Retests pages. Please make sure you follow the rules and requirement carefully in order to avoid unnecessary costs, shorten wait time and successfully renew your car’s registration.
You can also read some of the tips and tricks that can help you prepare your vehicle for the inspection.

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Maryland – Emissions Failures and Retests

There is a chance that your vehicle may have failed the Maryland emissions inspection test.  In the event of Vehicle Emissions Failures there are a few possibilities that caused this and there are certain steps you now must follow.

Your vehicle could have failed the test for the following reasons: Your vehicle has exceeded the standards for hydrocarbon resulting in a hydrocarbon failure.  Your vehicle has exceeded the standards for carbon monoxide resulting in carbon monoxide failure.  There could have been a sample dilution failure.  Your vehicle could have failed the On Board Diagnostics test.  Your vehicle could have missing, disconnected, or broken emissions control equipment.  Or your vehicle could have had a gas cap failure resulting in vapors leaking from your vehicle.

If your vehicle failed the Maryland emissions test your next step is to have the vehicle repaired to correct whatever failure(s) have occurred.  After your vehicle is repaired you need to get your vehicle retested.  When you go to get your emissions retest you should bring along your initial test results paper that you were given, along with the paperwork from the garage/service center that repaired your vehicle’s emissions issues.   The first retest of your vehicle is free.

If you spent $450 or more on your emissions related vehicle repairs you may be eligible to get a Maryland emissions waiver.  If you would like to apply for the waiver you must complete the backside of the vehicle inspection report paper you were given after your vehicle was initially tested.  You must also submit the receipts for the work you had done on your vehicle.

If you fail the retest your second retest you will need to pay for.

If you have any questions you can contact the emissions inspection program at 1-800-638-8347.  If you have questions for the MVA the customer service contact number is 1-800-950-1682.


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Arizona – General Emissions Information

There are general questions concerning the Arizona emissions testing program that people have.  This section will attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and provide tips on Arizona emissions policies.

Can I have a passenger or pet in the car during emissions testing?

No, you should not bring any passenger or pet in your vehicle when you bring your vehicle for emissions testing.  You will be required to exit the vehicle during emissions testing or you will need to move to the passenger seat.  No other person and no pet is allowed in the car during emissions testing.

What if my car is not running?

All vehicles must be able to enter the emissions inspection station on their own power.  If you have any trailers or attachments on the back of your vehicle you will need to remove them prior to testing.

Can I get my emissions tested if my check engine light is on?

If your vehicle is from 1996 or is newer and has OBD equipment you will not pass the emissions testing procedure if your check engine light is on.  You should have your vehicle repaired prior to testing.

How much are the fees for emissions testing in Arizona?

The fees vary depending on location and type of vehicle.  In the Tuscon area all vehicles are $12.25 to get the emissions testing done.  In the Phoenix area if your vehicle is 1981 or newer and under 8,500 pounds the fee is $27.75.  Heavy duty diesel vehicles which weight more than 8,500 pounds are assessed a $28 fee for emissions testing, and most other vehicles are $19.

What happens if I live outside of the emissions test area but I received an Emissions Required notice?

You can print out an emissions exemption form found here and submit it.


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