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The state of Colorado participates in an emissions testing program in order to aid in the strategy of improving air quality within the state.  Vehicles are major factors in pollutes that get into the air that can have a negative health impact on us.

You should find out if your vehicle needs a test prior to bring your vehicle to an emissions testing facility.  If you bring your vehicle to an emissions testing facility they will perform the emissions test on your vehicles whether or it was time for your vehicle to be tested.  You will not be given a refund if you brought your car in for testing earlier than you were supposed to.  You can call the Air Care Colorado center to find out if your vehicle is due for an emissions test.  Their number is 303-456-7090.  You can also ask your local motor vehicle office if your vehicle is due for emissions.

You do not need a sticker to be placed on your window once your car is tested.  This was a requirement in the past but as of July 2001 this requirement no longer exists.

If you would like to give feedback or file a complaint concerning the Colorado emissions test station that you visited there are several ways to do so.  You can request a complaint form at the emissions service center you visited.  You can also call the Colorado emissions Air Care number which is 303-456-7090.  Or you can fax them at 303-420-4066.  You can also contact the emissions program office at the Colorado DMV by phone at 303-205-5603 or via email at: .

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