Exemptions in Indiana

Last updated on April 26th, 2018

In Indiana, residents are required to have their vehicles pass an emissions test before they can register their vehicle. There are a few exemptions to the rule for certain vehicles. We are going to tell you which vehicles are exempt from testing:

  • Its only four years old or newer, according to the manufacturer date
  • The vehicle was made in 1975 or older
  • Its powered by diesel or electricity
  • It’s considered to be a show car and meets the standards for a Show Car Redemption
  • It’s considered a specialty or kit car and meets standards for Specialty Exemption
  • Its heavier than 9,000 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
  • It’s a ceremonial vehicle
  • It’s a recreational vehicle
  • It’s a motorcycle
  • Its registered as an antique vehicle or is of highway construction equipment standards
  • The engine displacement is less than 200 cube centimeters
  • Its registered for farm use only, and this is including tractors

If your vehicle meets any of these criteria, your vehicle is considered to be exempt from emissions testing and laws. Always check with your state for more information.

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